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Meet Club Hockey Team Player: Jared Fisher

Name: Jared Fisher

Year: Junior

Major: Cognitive science and psychology

Hometown: Northbrook, Illinois

Birthday: April 15, 1993

When did you start playing hockey, and what got you interested in the sport?

I started playing when I was 4 years old because my brother played. I liked the speed of it and that it was challenging. Every Thanksgiving, when my mom is making dinner, my dad, brothers and I build an ice rink at my house. We put up boards and a sheet of plastic, fill everything and put up netting. Some of the fondest memories from my childhood are when it was 12 a.m., 7 degrees and pitch black outside, except for the lighting of the rink.

What teams did you play on?

I played on different organizations growing up, and I was on a team in high school. We went to the state championship and I scored a goal in front of a crowd of more than 8,000 people at the United Center where the Blackhawks play. It was a proud moment.

Did you play any other sports in high school?

I dabbled with sports freshman year but hockey had to become a priority because it was time consuming and I didn’t want to risk getting injured.

Did you always know you wanted to play hockey in college?

I always knew I wanted to continue playing hockey because I played it all my life and have always been on a team.

What is your favorite part about being on the club hockey team at Northwestern?

My favorite part about the team here is the team’s camaraderie. We’re like a family; everyone gets along really well and we all have a lot of fun together on and off the ice.

How often does the team practice and have games?

We practice twice a week for about two hours, and we have games twice a month.

How is the team doing this year?

We’ve been doing well; we made it to playoffs but lost a close game to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. The team this year has been really focused and dedicated. We have a very young team, we’re only losing two seniors, so it has driven people to play their best and work especially hard, to build a foundation for future years.

Have you had any particularly memorable games?

Two weeks ago we played Loyola University in an outdoor game. There was a blizzard so it was snowing a lot. It was such a thrill to play in extreme conditions like that; it made the game totally different and it was exciting and invigorating. We pulled out a victory that qualified us for playoffs.

What do you want to do after you graduate?

I want to continue playing hockey, probably on adult leagues. Career wise, I always thought I wanted to do something involving marketing, but I would really like to go into the music industry or possibly some sort of music arts therapy, where I can help others.

What are your other hobbies?

I box at Evanston Boxing Club, and I play on the club lacrosse team at Northwestern. I am also interested in music and I play the drums.

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