Meet Angel Yu, Programming Chair for the Chinese Students Association!

Name: Angel Yu

Age: 20

Major/Minor: Psychology, Communications major and IMC certificate

Hometown: Beijing

What is your role in CSA?

Programming chair

Tell us a little bit about Celebrasia!

Celebrasia is co-hosted with TASC and is one of the largest cultural event on campus that is in celebration so Chinese Lunar New Year. We bring in a variety of professional and student acts for the show and members from both CSA and TASC work over the course of 2 months to film a skits piece that is also a crowd favorite every year. This year we had Quest Crew, Nicole Tan, KRNFX, and Rogue and it was a sold out show!

What part of Celebrasia were you most excited about this year?

I was definitely the most excited about Quest Crew and the skits. It's always a great time to see people who may not be super talkative or out there on normal days show off their acting skills and talent in the skits! The plot is hilarious as well!

Why do you think its so important for students to attend Celebrasia?

It's a great time to get together and celebrate Chinese New Year with all these amazing acts. It just gets people excited about this holiday which is very important in the Chinese culture. This is also the largest show that CSA and TASC put on, so we want everyone to come and see what we've been working on all year up to this point. 

What other events does CSA put on during the year?

We also host a spring and fall speaker where we bring a single act, whether it be a performer or a speaker, and talk about their role in the Asian American community and what it's like to be in their profession as an Asian American.

What is your favorite thing about being involved in CSA?

The people! Most of my closest friends are in the organization.

What else are you involved in on campus?

I'm also involved in UNITY Charity Fashion Show and ISBE.