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Maurico Serpa ’13

Name: Mauricio Serpa
Nickname: Mo, Momo
Birthday: December 12, 1989
Relationship Status: Very single

HC: What do you look for in a girl?
Mo: Long legs are a plus. But it’s not just one specific thing, it’s more about confidence. If she knows what she has and struts it accordingly, that’s another plus. And she has to get my jokes.

HC: What’s your signature pick-up move?
Mo: The smile and not ask for your number thing.
HC (very skeptical): Really…and how exactly does that work?
Mo: She’ll bring up that I haven’t asked for her number and I’ll usually respond with ‘Well, I want you to show me that I’ll want to call you later.’

HC: What’s your favorite campus hangout?
Mo: Great Room, hands down.

Likes: Red hair. A girl who isn’t afraid to curse. Any dog that is clearly designed to be a pillow (poodles, those little chihuahuas).
Dislikes: Intentional mind games. Cats. Playing hard to get.

HC: What’s your favorite Northwestern tradition?
Mo: Dillo Day.

HC: What’s something that a lot of people don’t know about you?
Mo: I know how to strip very well.

Why HC loves Mauricio: Besides being really good-looking, Mo is a sweetheart. He cares about his friends and isn’t afraid to show it. He’s constantly making jokes and loves to laugh, so he’s great if you like being around someone who is always having fun (and who doesn’t?). Did I mention he’s smart? Like, really smart? Mo’s a journalism major and is taking two ridiculous Medill classes right now. I would never do that. Ever. So if you add up attractiveness, a pretty outrageous sense of humor, and a hearty dose of smarts, you get Mauricio. Oh, and here’s a tip: he loves girls who take the initiative, so if you want to talk to him, just go for it! 

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