Madame Mackenzie


Wondering about your love life? Confused about the future? Wonder no more, for Madame Mackenzie has the answers! With weekly Tarot card readings, the secrets of the love, life, and the universe are now at your fingertips.

Card 1, the Hanged Man (XII): This card represents your Spiritual Self, and serves as a guide for the upcoming week. The Hanged Man represents a change of perspective and values. As a new school year begins, you find yourself looking for a fresh start—and perhaps a new relationship.

Card 2, the Empress (VIII): As a representation of your mind and thoughts, the Empress indicates that you’re currently focused on creating a new relationship. You may be searching for reassurance, but as the Empress corresponds with Venus, the Goddess of love, conditions will be favorable for a new romance.

Card 3, the Magician (I): This week, you will feel empowered. This year marks the beginning of an important transformation. But your feelings may be changing too quickly for even you to keep track of. This week, try to take a moment to center yourself, and think about what you really want.

Card 4, the Hierophant (V): This card acts as the Significator, or the heart of the matter. Right now your sanctuary is the community you’ve formed at school, but it can also feel like a prison. As you change, you may feel like shaking up the old order. Be on the watch for someone born under the sign of Taurus (April 21-May 21) to take on a new, important role in your life.

Madame Mackenzie uses the Mary Hanson Tarot deck and the Heart and Head Spread to divine for the discerning collegiette.