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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.



Name: Julia Anaya

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Year: Junior

Major: Communication Studies and International Studies

Claim to Fame: Fusion dancer and choreographer for ReFusionShaka


HC: How long have you been a part of Fusion?

JA: Since winter quarter of my freshman year.


HC: What do you love about Fusion?

JA: Since we rehearse all year together, there’s this cohesive aspect. This element makes Fusion special because it allows us to grow as dancers and also gives us the social aspect of being a group of friends rather than just people who dance together. Like, with some other groups you can come and go, but with Fusion, it’s a family.


HC: What was your favorite piece in ReFusionShaka?

JA: The Fusion Set. We’ve been working on it since auditions, so we’ve really spent a lot of time building it up to the level we performed it tonight (opening night for the show), and a lot of new choreographers, like myself, were given the chance to come together to make this set. I also love the opening and closing numbers because that’s when you really get to see all the groups together. So ReFusionShaka.


HC: When did you start choreographing?

JA: I started choreographing in high school for my school’s hip hop dance team, but I didn’t choreograph for Fusion until last year’s spring show.


HC: Who is your inspiration?

JA: Dejan Tubic and Janelle Ginestra. They’re these two choreographers from L.A., and I’m obsessed with their YouTube videos. Also, I’d love to grow up and be Ciara.


HC: What is your theme song?

JA: A mashup of Go Girl by Baby Bash and the Sesame Street theme song.


HC: When’s your next show?

JA: Our spring show!