I May Have Found the BEST Planner

I’m a sucker for a good planner. Filling out my schedule and making a list of all of my assignments has always been a relaxing activity for me. As a result, I’m very picky about the planners that I use. I’ve spent hours upon hours looking through Pinterest boards and Instagram for planner inspiration, but always struggled to find one that worked best for me.

I’ve tried a wide variety of planners, from the standard options that could be found at Target, to creating my own bullet journal. I didn’t feel like most planners included everything I wanted but I also didn’t want to have to create each spread every time I needed more space. I wanted an in-between that couldn’t seem to be found anywhere. 

That changed last April.

I came across advertisements for the Passion Planner all over my Instagram feed previously but hadn’t paid much attention to them. Once I was desperate for a new planner, I finally decided to give them a deeper look. Once I did, I knew I’d finally found the perfect option for me.

The design of the planner is very simplistic, allowing you as much room to add creative designs as you want. They have dated and undated options, so there’s no need to worry about when you can start using the planner. Since I chose to buy my planner in April, I went with the undated version.

The planner is split into four different sections – monthly spreads, weekly spreads, blank sheets and dotted sheets. The monthly spread allows you to see everything you have going on in the month on one sheet. You can add events you have planned and make lists of places you’d like to go or people you’d like to see. There’s also a space for a goal mind-map. The weekly spread has columned timelines for each day. You can set focuses for each day, and an overarching weekly goal. It also has to-do lists and a blank space you can use in any way you’d like.

One of the hallmark features of the Passion Planner is the Passion Roadmap. There is one featured in the front of the planner and another featured halfway through the monthly spreads, as a mid-year check-in. The Passion Roadmap lets you plan out your short- and long-term goals. There are spaces to set goals for the next three months, the next year, the next three years and for your lifetime. From there, you pick a goal that would have the most positive impact on your life right now. Then, you map out how you can achieve this goal and set due dates to keep track of within your spreads. 

Not only do I love what comes in the planner, but I also love that the website offers add-ons to customize your planner even more. These include an insert for school to-do lists, habit tracking, finance tracking, a note page and more. The best part is that these add-ons are offered for free, as well as samples of the planners if you’re unsure about committing to buying a full planner at first.  Another great thing is that for each planner bought, one is donated!

Since getting the Passion Planner, I’ve been able to really enjoy setting up my schedule and being creative with it. I love the freedom that the minimalist design gives the user and the add-ons that you can use to customize your experience!