How to Dress Like a Celebrity in the Fall Without Breaking Your Budget

When you’re on the hunt for fashion inspiration, oftentimes checking out your favorite celebrity's Instagram feed is the best way to steal some ideas. The downside is that the wardrobe budgets for the famous are massive in comparison to the price tags we can afford as college students. But with stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, which copy all the latest trends for affordable prices, it’s now simple to get the look of your fashion idol without hurting your wallet in the process. Here’s your guide to dressing like an A-Lister on a nonexistent-lister budget.

Selena Gomez

Outfit #1

Photo Courtesy of @happygomezz on Instagram

In this elegant ensemble, Gomez is rocking a red polka-dot wrap dress and rose-gold toned heels. The outfit is both on trend and true to Gomez’s classic style.

To rock this look for less, all you need is a basic red midi dress with the wrap detailing, just like this one from Forever 21 that’s only $15.90. It may not have the same pattern, but the overall fit makes it reminiscent of Gomez’s style. Pair it with these satin heels ($24.90), and you are good to go.

Outfit #2

Photo courtesy of @selena_gomez_brazil_ on Instagram

This street-style capture is both sexy and perfect for fall. The items are simple, but they compliment Gomez’s figure in an effortless manner.

If you want to steal this look, all you need is a cropped yellow sweater ($17.90), black trousers ($15.90), which you probably already have in your closet, and any simple pair of black pumps ($27.90).


Chrissy Metz

Photo Courtesy of @pennylovellstylist on Instagram

Chrissy Metz, the female lead for the new show “This Is Us,” is always styling the cutest dresses, on and off the red carpet. For her appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” she rocked this chic polka dot wrap dress (just like Selena Gomez’s). Even better, while talking with Meyers, she hinted that the store LOFT, who made this dress, is going to be dropping a new plus-size line.

Even though LOFT is far from expensive, copying this look for even cheaper is way too easy. This dress from Forever 21 is an almost exact replica, and for only $28!


Mindy Kaling

Outfit #1

Photo Courtesy of @mindykaling on Instagram

Kaling’s fashion sense has always been the epitome of class, and now, with the addition of her pregnancy, she’s continues to be an inspiration. In this first look, she’s rocking, just like so many other celebs, a snazzy wrap dress. The soft blue coloring makes it look even more posh.

While her version is probably designer, that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate it for a fraction of the price. This variation from Forever 21 may be a bit darker and more flowy, but the general ensemble stays the same, making it the perfect affordable option at $38.

Outfit #2

Photo Courtesy of @mindykaling on Instagram

One Mindy Kaling outfit was not enough! This fitted blue gingham dress is so elegant I couldn't resist trying to steal the look, especially since this pattern is so on-trend right now.

Finding an exact replica for this dress was more difficult than expected, so the inspiration is a bit less rigid. Forever 21 has countless gingham print pieces in stock right now, and while this one ($22.90) may be black and white and a different shape, it still has the classy feel that Kaling is rocking. Throw on any pair of blue heels ($20), and you have the perfect look.


Chrissy Teigen

Photo Courtesy of @chrissyteigen on Instagram

Who doesn’t love Chrissy Teigen? Not only is she the goddess of Twitter, but she is also a style guru. She recently posted this Instagram, which screams fall fashion. From the oversized sweater to the over-the-knee boots, this outfit is to die for.

Thankfully, copying such a classic ensemble is super easy. You can get an oversized sweater from any store, especially thrift shops! This one from Forever 21 is only $19.90. Throw on some pink over-the-knee boots, available at Charlotte Russe for only $30, and you’ll look as photoshoot ready as Chrissy Teigen.


Ashley Graham

Photo Courtesy of @theashleygraham on Instagram

As a model, Ashley Graham’s fashion is always flawless. This outfit in particular is both simple and chic, the perfect option to replicate her signature look for a cheaper price.

This whole ensemble, just like most others, is straight out of Forever 21. The basic crop top is only $7.90 and the heels are the same ones from Selena Gomez’s second outfit ($27.90). The highlight of the piece is Graham’s trouser-maxi-skirt combo. While this item is too high-fashion to get an exact copy, these loose fitting black pants ($15.99) give a similar vibe and sense of movement to the whole look.



Outfit #1

Photo Courtesy of @beyonce on Instagram

Beyoncé, everyone’s queen, never lets us down with her unique sense of style. For this look, she appeared stunning in all red. The beauty of this outfit is in the details, from the studs on her shoes to the zipper down the front of the dress.

Finding a similar piece to this statement dress was easier than expected. Forever 21 has two red zipper dresses: one with a high collar ($22.90) and another with an edgier look ($27.90). Complete this outfit with any pair of studded heels and you’ll be feeling yourself, just like Beyoncé.

Outfit #2

Photo Courtesy of @beyonce on Instagram

What’s fall without plaid? In this Instagram, Beyoncé showed off her long legs and beautiful figure in this ultra trendy, yet classy, look.


The first step to replicating this look is getting a ruffled black top, with a lot of drama, like this one from Forever 21 ($24.90). Pair it with some form of plaid bottoms, such as this classic mini skirt ($19.90). Finally toss on some black pointed heels ($19.90), which you probably already have in your closet, and you’ll be looking flawless (but still on a budget!).


This article proves that all you need to steal your favorite celebrity’s style is some dedication to go on an internet hunt for affordable, but similar, pieces. Online shopping is the way to go – all you need to do is type in an item description in the search bar, and soon enough you’ll be rocking the streets like an A-Lister, without breaking your budget.


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