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How College Students Benefit from the Third Stimulus Check

Calls for the third round of stimulus checks are heating up as Democrats look poised to pass a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package. Infamously, the past two stimulus checks did not provide any funds for dependents above the age of 16, effectively stifling the chances of any relief for college students. However, the new administration is set to address this, barring any legislative changes. Read ahead to find out how to determine your eligibility for the next stimulus check, and how to ensure you receive it.

Who is eligible for this stimulus check?

Just like the first two checks, eligibility for the third stimulus check is based on household income. Individual U.S. citizens and residents earning under $75,000 will most likely receive $1,400, while joint filers may receive up to $2,800 if their combined household income is under $150,000. After those thresholds, the amount received per household decreases variably. Although the exact amount for the third stimulus checks is undetermined, it will most likely phase out completely for individuals earning $87,000+ per year on their 2019 tax returns. 

How can college students get aid for the stimulus check?

While many college students were left out of the initial checks, if you’re claimed as a dependent on someone’s tax return for 2019, you may be able to receive aid. The third stimulus check is set to allow tax filers to receive extra funds for adult dependents, rather than just for dependents 16 and younger. In that case, qualifying people with adult dependents will receive aid onto their original check. The exact amount is unclear, but it is possible it will be the full amount an individual would receive, as the second stimulus checks were. 

How to receive the third stimulus check:

As for the last two, the third stimulus check is expected to be sent automatically to those who filed 2019 taxes, as well as others receiving government aid such as social security, disability, veteran benefits and more. In addition, individuals registered with a non-filer tool from the IRS are also set to automatically receive the third check. 

While the exact date Americans are set to receive their checks is unclear, the current COVID relief bill is expected to pass before Feb. 8, when former President Donald Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial begins. As the new administration looks towards its first hundred days in office, Washington officials are hopeful that the COVID relief bill will provide a victory. 

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