'House of Cards': Season 6

In case you have not had the time to watch Netflix while in the throes of midterms and exams, you may have missed the final season of House of Cards released earlier this month. Robin Wright brilliantly takes the reins in season six, after sexual abuse allegations surrounding now-disgraced actor Kevin Spacey came to light last year. Ironically, the POTUS in a streaming series can be removed when accused of inappropriate conduct, yet the President in the real world with misconduct allegations can still remain in office...food for thought. Click here to watch the season six trailer. 

SPOILERS AHEAD! At the end of season five, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) resigns as President leaving the office to his Vice President and wife, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). Claire promises to publicly pardon Frank and his shady right-hand man Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), but purposefully chooses not to do so during her first public broadcast as America’s Commander-in-Chief.

This brings viewers to season six. The concluding eight episodes of House of Cards persist successfully without Spacey, full of their usual plot twists, political intrigue, and now a bright spotlight on a strong female lead. Frank is dead and buried, and Claire is ready to lead the country herself. She deals with the Shepherd family who too eagerly wish to influence the White House with their wealth and power, an explosive crisis in Syria, and her pregnancy! Claire’s cunning and understandable imperfections make her a protagonist worth watching.

If you need a break from the real political landscape during the wintertime, House of Cards can provide the fast-paced, well-constructed drama you may be seeking. A fun fact for Northwestern Wildcats: Laura Eason, HOC writer and producer, graduated with a degree in performance studies from the School of Communications in 1989.