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Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kit!

This week the Northwestern Campus Correspondents received an awesome Spring Break Survival Kit from HC Nationals, complete with goodies from neuro, ZOTOS, TRESemme, Chipotle, European Wax Center, Yokini Swimwear, and the Her Campus team! We took the weekend to try out our new freebees, and here’s what we found: 

neuro: I’d never tried neuro before, but it’s come in super handy when trying to get a restful night’s sleep with finals stress on my mind! Pi Phi also loved the surprise package delivered to our house–both cases are almost already gone!

ZOTOS: I handed out samples of the Biotera Ultra Color Care Conditioner to some of my friends with color-treated hair, and they loved the silkiness it gave to their hair after being damaged by color treatments and heat styling!

TRESemme: The TRESemme 7 Day Keratin Smooth System is a life-saver! My hair is naturally frizzy and wavy, but at school I don’t have the time or money for straightening treatments. This 7 day system is easy to use and makes my hair much more managable and easy to style. I’m keeping all the samples for myself–sorry Emma and Maya!

Chipotle: Honestly, who doesn’t love Chipotle. As if their tasty food wasn’t enough, their new documentary “Farmed and Dangerous” proves that their burritos are both delicious AND ethical. This FREE burrito card is going to be fought over by the CCs!

European Wax Center: I can’t wait to head home to New York and redeem one of these cards for a free bikini line, eyebrow, or underarm wax at the new European Wax Center in my hometown, just in time for my spring break getaway! Goodbye stubble!

Yokini Swimwear: I will definitely be taking Yokini up on their exclusive discount for Her Campus staffers, just in time to hit the beach! Now I just need to work on that spring break bod…

Thank you Her Campus for organizing this giveaway, sending us some HC swag, and making an awesome site that we’re proud to show off with our new laptop stickers, cups and koozies! 

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Olivia Bahou


Liv is a junior majoring in journalism at Northwestern University who hopes to pursue a career in magazine writing. Her interest include fashion, Pure Barre, Chai tea lattes, professional tennis and anything related to Italy, where she studied abroad. She loves being the CC for Her Campus Northwestern and looks forward to what the future has in store!
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