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Friday the 14th

Come this Valentine’s Day, I will most likely be watching “Desperate Housewives” on Netflix alone in my room or be at an oh-so-romantic Chipotle dinner with my best friend. I, just like any single girl, understand any feeling of resentment one can harbor for this holiday. It can be agonizing to watch your friends Instagram the flowers and Tiffany’s necklace their boyfriend got them, or to hear about girls being surprised with romantic dinners in the city. It’d also be unrealistic to suppose that being on the listening end of these stories doesn’t stir up jealousy. However, as of late, Valentine’s Day has completely morphed into a party of a quite different meaning for these single girls—namely a self-thrown pity-party.

Any single girl is lying to herself if she claims to never have uttered the phrase “I’m forever alone!” on Valentine’s Day. She also is most likely lying to herself if she says she doesn’t proceed to make a dramatic show about how she will spend the night stuffing her face with chocolates sent to her by her mother and then drowning her sorrows in wine.

If this you, we get it—you don’t have a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. And sorry to be blunt, but you sound annoying, because neither does the majority of the female population on this campus. So why draw so much attention to it? Just because you aren’t in a relationship doesn’t mean you need to flaunt your lack of a partner in an attempt to receive reassurance from your friends that one day you will find someone to celebrate with.

I can guarantee that half of you self-pitying girls have had boyfriends in the past, so you, in fact, can’t say you are “forever alone.” And even if you haven’t had a boyfriend, who cares? Don’t let Valentine’s Day turn you into a self-wallowing mess every year. Think of this Friday as nothing more than Friday the 14th, the day before Saturday the 15th and the day after Thursday the 13th. It’s solely a date assigned the superficial purpose of making those in relationships show their love for each other in a way that should be present everyday, not just once a year.

There are countless blogs and articles sweeping the Internet this time of year giving those that are single ideas on how to spend the holiday with friends. If you truly need a distracting activity, then give those a go. But, if you can be self-assured enough to carry on with your Friday activities and do what you would usually do without harping on the lack of “Happy Valentine’s day baby (heart emoji)” texts in your life, I applaud you. Have a good Friday—because that’s all it has to be to you—a Friday. 

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Ava Steir


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