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Forget gazing at the stars, now you can wear them!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

            Although scientists have yet to pinpoint the origins of the vast universe we live in, this new clothing trend is as easy to spot as the North Star on a clear night!

           Galaxy or celestial print has been on the rise with the pattern appearing in different forms on leggings, shirts and even shoes! If done right, the pattern can make you look like you are wearing a piece of the sky. But if done wrong, it can look like a paint machine has gone haywire on your clothes. So which clothing stores have the right idea when it comes to apparel from the heavens and which shops could stand a trip back to the drawing board? Take a look and see!


Boasting at least two different styles of leggings, Akira should definitely be on your list of stores to check out when hunting for fierce galaxy print! The first style, which has a purple and blue color scheme, looks like an inky mixture of clouds. The stars look realistic, and in addition to a stellar galaxy, the pants also have unicorns on them that add to the fantasy element of the clothing.  

Photo Credit: shopakira.com

The second style is a lighter purple and blue palette with large black crosses on the sides. While I personally feel that the lighter palette looks a bit washed out and doesn’t do the style justice, the crosses are a nice touch. For someone looking for a more subtle approach to the style, these pants are a definite winner.

Photo Credit: shopakira.com



These are only two of the galaxy styles that Akira has in their store and they are both worth at least trying on. Depending on your personal style, you may want to buy one, or all  of the leggings Akira has to offer. As a bonus,  the prices also do not exceed $25, so if you are looking to be economic you found the right place.

Forever 21

Forever 21 houses a large amount of galaxy print in its stores but one particular style that caught my eye was a chiffon blouse. Because it was chiffon, the blouse was very sheer, and this actually works for the galaxy print. As opposed to looking like pieces of the sky that have made their way on to a shirt, the print looks far away, almost as though you are looking at the sky through a telescope. Perhaps this is me just looking too much into a simple fabric pattern but I love these shirts and think they would go great over a black tank and can be worn unbuttoned or buttoned. At $23, this particular blouse is at about the same price level as Akira and if you are looking to turn heads, this is the way to do it!

Ps. Online, the shirt appears to be sold out, but there were blouses at the Forever 21 in Old Orchard, so if you hurry and look hard enough, you may be able to snag one before they’re all gone!


And last but certainly not least, is Urban Outfitters. Like, Akira and Forever 21, Urban Outfitters boasts several pieces of clothing that feature galaxy print. One of these pieces is a pair of leggings which have unicorns on them, similar to Akira. The unicorns on these leggings however, are much larger and, in my personal opinion, take up too much of the leg of the pants. The stars placed on the leggings are pretty and almost appear to twinkle, but because of the size of the unicorns, you really can’t see much of them unless you look at the backs of the leggings. Also, at $29 these leggings are more expensive than Akira and Forever 21. Therefore, I would only suggest purchasing this pair of leggings if you are a hardcore fan of cosmic print, or really love unicorns.

On the other hand, Urban Outfitters also has a galaxy print t-shirt that has a much more subtle design and features cats as opposed to unicorns. The shirt is mostly black and white with some purple and blue ink-blot type clouds and, of course stars. The cats’ faces are shown in the clouds and look almost like constellations. The shirt is $16 dollars which may be a little on the expensive side for a tee, but I think if you want quality galaxy print this will be money well spent!

There are many other stores that have exciting and varied takes on the new galaxy print trend. So if you’re looking to get your intergalactic apparel fix, just head to your nearest mall, thrift store, or shopping center, you never know what you’ll find!