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Find Your NU Love

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

On Monday, October 17, Northwestern’s Homecoming Committee tried out an interesting idea: Northwestern speed dating. “Find Your NU Love” flew face of all of the “Omg we are the awkwardest school that ever awkwarded” self-deprecation, and the Committee made it clear that more than a few brave souls are willing to put themselves out there to meet new people: More than 40 people attended the event.
People rotated seats in the living room of the John Evans Alumni Center, giggling at strangeness of the constant changing of their conversation partner. Their stomachs filled with Wildcat-themed cupcakes, everyone shuffled seats, exchanged names, and tried to establish more of a connection than a simple “Oh, we go to the same school.”
Elisse Kavensky, a WCAS senior and Homecoming Committee Co-Chair, was excited about the event. 
“We just wanted to have something different to get everyone ready for Homecoming. We’re really happy with how it’s turning out,” she said. 
There were more women than men, which actually gave the night a more laid-back sense. The lopsided gender numbers gave the night of a getting-to-know-you kind of gathering than a looking-for-a-spouse one, which only made it more enjoyable for the attendees.
“It was definitely worth it,” said Nick Dotzenrod, a freshman in McCormick. “I don’t think I met the love of my life here, but I’m really glad I came.”
At the end of the night, people filled out a sheet with the names of the people they’d like to get in further contact with. Were any romantic connections made that night? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, any Wildcat should be proud that such an intimidating event had such a fantastic turnout. Take that information and run with it, Wildcats. It seems we’re not as timid as we’d like to think. 
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Kylie Gilbert is a senior Journalism major and French minor at Northwestern University. She joined HC as a freshman as a contributing writer and has been campus correspondent since her sophomore year. When she isn't writing, online shopping, or reading fashion magazines, she loves watching The Mindy Project, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother and everything on Bravo.