Fashion Hits and Misses of Coachella 2017

Coachella is not just for the music—everyone knows that. The fashion is just as important. HC collected the best (and worst) celebrity outfits from Coachella 2017 to inspire you or make you blurt out "Oh, no."

Victoria Justice slays in her cute strappy sandals, golden top and bright red lip. 

Who gave Kendall Jenner a trash bag as a top? With such a great figure and beautiful hair, she shouldn't be hiding behind a cap and billowy folds.

Rihanna deserves a prize for topping Britney's denim outfit from 2001. This open-leg flare is too outrageous for words especially paired with the thigh-high cream, camel toe boots. The lipstick is the cherry on top.

Alessandra Ambrosio kills this boho chic look and pulls it off so effortlessly. The loose braids are perfect for the Coachella vibe.  

Jamie Chung is the queen of Coachella looks and this one is definitely a fave. How cute is that top? The accents of gold throughout the outfit really tie it together.

Kat Graham seemed to be influenced by the Beatles with her mirror glasses and overall 70s vibe. She topped off the look with those adorable high heel sandals and off the shoulder top. She's rocking the natural curls!

Paris Hilton is a... social butterfly? She looks like an elementary school student who made her own costume. Pass.

On the other hand, Nicole Richie is sleek and stylish with this modern getup. The light chiffon makes the dress feel summery even though it's a black maxi.

Rihanna is officially crowned the queen of terrible outfits for this year's Coachella. The 80s called and it wants its disco ball back.

Kendall take note- this is how you do billowy fabric. Emma Roberts looks so fashion-forward with the fun pattern, mod sunglasses and gold ear chain.


Was Katy Perry trying to copy Miley? The blond pixie is super cute, but that rainbow fur jacket and tacky black pants have got to go.

Oh boy. Selena Gomez usually has a great sense of fashion, but something about this floral dress paired with a matching necktie feels like she is Sandy from Grease or someone's picnic blanket. So unflattering.



Pictures taken by Getty Images