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Hot girl summer is over. Warm sunny beach days are replaced by cool weather and falling leaves. Booming summer bops are being replaced by mellow fall jams. And of course, the looming scent of pumpkin spice is in the air. But don’t worry, we have a new seasonal mantra for you to follow: introducing, basic girl fall. That’s right, it is time to embrace the basicness that comes with the season of pumpkin spice and fuzzy sweaters. Here is how to do basic girl fall the best way possible:

Where to go

What is fall without a trip to the pumpkin patch? Part of embracing the basicness of fall is getting that perfect picture in your favorite flannel at the pumpkin patch. Another perfect basic fall activity is apple picking, complete with a warm cup of cider and apple cider donuts to go with it. There is no doubt that fall is the most “Insta-worthy” season, so go out in your favorite sweater and get a snapshot amongst the changing leaves. 

What to eat and drink 

We all know the essential basic girl fall drink is a pumpkin spice latte. Essentially, any fall food involves some amount of pumpkin. Instead of rolling your eyes at the arrival of a new pumpkin craze, try it out! I recommend taking one trip to Trader Joe’s… you will leave with a cart full of more pumpkin spice items than you can count. 

What to wear

It’s officially sweater weather, the season for comfort and style. What are some classic basic fall girl outfits? An oversized sweater and leggings, jeans and a scarf, or a skirt with tights and booties. It’s about finding the balance between snuggle and stylish. A fall outfit won’t be complete without a touch of maroon or army green. 

What to listen to

The essential sounds of fall are strumming guitars and soft ballads. It’s the type of music that makes you want to cover yourself in a blanket while sipping hot chocolate. This can only be embodied in one autumn album: Red by Taylor Swift. Not only is the album named after the color of fall, it also touches classic fall themes such as changing leaves and cool, crisp air. The album tells stories of heartbreaks and new beginnings through upbeat tracks and acoustic break-up songs. 

What to watch

We all know Halloween movies tend to hold a monopoly on autumn cinema. But, if scary movies aren’t for you, no need to worry. Fall is also the season of the best romantic comedies. Classics like When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail will put you in the cozy autumn mood.

Emily Chaiet

Northwestern '20

Emily Chaiet is a senior from Fort Lauderdale, Florida studying journalism at Northwestern University. She is also pursuing a minor in sociology and a certificate in integrated marketing communications. In her free time she likes to rewatch the Office on Netflix and go to CycleBar.