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Essential “Gilmore Girls” Episodes for a Cozy Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

With the air getting colder and the leaves changing, everyone can sense the arrival of the fall season. The desire to get cozy and find fun, wholesome fall activities to do with friends is setting in. If you’re like me, “Gilmore Girls” is an essential component of this fall vibe. Whether the show lives up to its hype is irrelevant because the second that first leaf starts falling, my Netflix account is open and “Gilmore Girls” is playing. Something about the show seems to scream cozy, maybe with its small-town autumnal vibes and comforting familiarity. Even just for some fun background noise to get you in the right cozy mood, here are some essential episodes to get you in the perfect fall vibe.

Season Four: Episode Nine

The tailgate season is upon us, and this episode is perfect for capturing the excitement and energy of college football. The episode features Rory, Lorelai and their family’s journey throughout the tumultuous game day at Yale. Rory’s eccentric roommate — a personal favorite of mine — Paris Geller’s laughable attempts to make essential college memories on game day feel highly relatable for those that lost out during the pandemic. The festive fall vibes make the episode perfect for throwing on while you get yourself ready for whatever game day has in store for you.

Season Three, Episode Five

Season three episode five presents the sleepy town of Stars Hollow in full autumn-themed regalia. Flashing between a tense mother-daughter trip for Emily and Lorelai and Rory’s night-in gone wrong, the episode packs drama without overwhelming the viewer. The episode is a watershed moment for the friendship between Rory and Paris specifically. The fall foliage and decor seem to decorate the background in the episode, yet there’s something inescapable about the cozy autumnal vibes surrounding Lorelai and Rory’s chaotic endeavors. 

Season Three, Episode 10

Of all the fall-themed episodes, this episode perfectly captures the chaos, warmth and hilarity of Thanksgiving and the holiday season. The mother-daughter duo makes their way through multiple Thanksgiving dinners, enduring pressing inquiries from grandparents, deep-fried turkey disasters and conflicting plans. The episode provides an overwhelming sense of comfort — like most Thanksgivings do — and is a perfect post-feast watch for those decompressing from the holiday season.

Fully embracing the new season can be hard when the weather seems to smack us in the face, shifting from warm sunny days to wind, cold and grey skies. However, filling your season with essential fall-themed activities and vibes makes that transition infinitely easier. So throw on your favorite fall episodes, get a cup of coffee and get cozy.

Alli Kane

Northwestern '24

Alli is a Senior at Northwestern University studying Neuroscience and Global Health. In her free time, she loves spending time with friends, working out, and exploring the Chicago food scene.