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Dillo Day is just around the corner, and if you are like me you have been planning your fit for the past two weeks. Dillo is the perfect place to let loose and wear your summery outfits, flowy shorts and crop tops despite how warm the weather actually is (flashback to last Dillo when it was 60 degrees and raining).

This may seem like a hot take, but I am kind of sick of the classic Coachella festival wear. Forget about glitter, flower crowns and bohemian pants. This Dillo is about straying from the norm and being bold.

Here are some of my recommendations on how to can slay Dillo and stand out while still looking cute.

1. Morph Suits

Bear with me, morph suits are awesome and fashionable. I know what you’re thinking. What on Earth is a morph suit? Morph suits are spandex whole-body suits, that even come with a front-facing hood so you can “morph” into whoever you want to be. Think Spiderman. They come in hundreds of colors and patterns and you can pair them with a cool fanny pack and some trendy sneaks. This is a fun and out-of-the-ordinary way to make an entrance while still being warm/cool enough for whatever the Evanston weather decides to bring.

2. Neon


You better jump on the neon fad before it passes. Neon biker shorts, neon crop tops and neon hoodies are all the rage right now. Dillo is the perfect place to show off your inner middle schooler by flexing a neon fit. Electric green, bubblegum pink and poppy orange are a few of the colors that will make you pop at the festival. Instead of going for the classic white Brandy ruched tube top, opt for a neon green one instead.

3. Matching Sets


Music festivals are a great excuse to wear matching set outfits. Dolls Kill, Reformation, Revolve and so many other companies have tons of fun two-piece outfits that you could rock at Dillo. Sets are a simple way to feel super put together without much effort.  

4. Metallic


Metallics are a slightly understated version of the neon look, but still equally as trendy and funky. Pair a metallic skirt with a basic black tea and some motorcycle boots for an edgier look or go for some fun metallic colored leggings! 

If you heed these instructions you will slay Dillo Day and have a look for the books! 

Photo Credits: Inside the Costume Box, Reformation, Dolls Kill, Pretty Little Thing

Emily Norfolk

Northwestern '21

Emily Norfolk loves to write about silly everyday amusements. She often gets an idea in her head and cannot let go of it, but that is okay because she just rolls with it. She is constantly thinking of the next story to tell and on which platform. Emily is a lover of multimedia and the digital age. She tells everyone that we are living in a cashless society and to keep up with the trends. Trends and trendsetting are her thing, she wishes she was an IG influencer because she loves vlogging.
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