Deciding What Shoes to Wear to Formal

Formal season has already started and picking out the right shoes is one of the biggest decisions to make because ending up in a bad pair of shoes can easily ruin your night.

Personally, if I choose a pair of shoes to wear, I’m committed to keeping them on my foot the whole night, no matter how much pain I’m in. For this reason, picking the best shoe for a full night of dancing is imperative.

So, here are some pros, cons and tips to wearing certain types of shoes for formal!


1.     Stilettos

Pros: They make your legs look super toned because you’re always flexing your leg muscles when you wear them.

Cons: It’s embarrassing to be that person who can’t walk properly in their shoes. With stilettos, your ankles can shake a lot and it’ll be no fun struggling to walk.

Tips: The thinner and taller the stiletto, the harder it is to walk! Gel padding for the balls of your feet are essential, invisible and a great investment. If you’re wearing pumps, you can protect your heel from getting blisters by adding a cushion to the back of your heels. These cushions also help you fit into your pumps better if you realize there’s some extra room in your shoe. 

2.     Wedges

Pros: Of all the heels, wedges are the easiest to walk in because there’s a lot more surface area at the bottom of the shoe to balance out the weight of your body. Wedges usually have platform toes so it reduces the overall height of the heel that your body has to manage.

Cons: People seem to get more ambitious with the height of wedges because of the fact that it’s easier to walk in them than stilettos. Since wedges can get sky-high, it can be really scary to fall in a pair of tall wedges!

Tips: The taller the wedge, the less surface area there is at the bottom of your shoe! Consider how tall the platform at the front of the shoe is because that can reduce how steep the heel feels on your feet. Once again, gel padding for the balls of your feet can be a blessing literal disguise.

3.     Chunky Platforms

Pros: With a thicker heel than a stiletto, chunky platform heels are easier to walk in but still have that ‘heel-ed’ look to them.

Cons: Like wedges, chunky platforms can get really tall. Although it’s easier to balance on them, they still put you five or six inches off the ground.

Tips: A lot of chunky platform shoes have a backing to the shoes. It’s a good idea to protect the back of your heel from blistering by inserting a cushion to the backing.

4.     Flats

Pros: No heel, no problem!

Cons: There are only so many occasions where wearing heels is appropriate so you might as well take advantage of your heels for formal.

5.     Kitten heels

Pros: Basically a stiletto but three to four inches shorter, so there’s less height you need to deal with.

Cons: Usually kitten heels have really narrow heels so don’t let the shorter height trick you into thinking kitten heels are completely harmless.

6.     Sandals

Pros: Now that it’s finally spring you can bring out your cute sandals that you couldn’t wear in the snow! Definitely the easiest option to walk and dance in!

Cons: Since it is formal after all, sandals can make your outfit a lot more casual. 


Choosing the right shoe really comes down to whether or not it complements your dress and how dedicated you are to being comfortable the whole night. But know whatever you choose, wear it with confidence (and if you go for crazy high heels, make sure your date has a steady arm for support!)

Featured photo found on Google Images.