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Davion Fleming WCAS ’13

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

Name: Davion Fleming
Nickname: Davey
Born: March 8th, 1991
Relationship Status: NAG–Needs A Girlfriend

Check. Davion (#16) is sophomore safety on the football team
Typical Weekend During Football Season:
Friday—Prep for game by attending meetings and getting mentally prepared
Saturday—Go out, win real quick and then celebrate!
Sunday—Stay in, do homework and call my Mom
So are you a bit of a Mama’s boy?
(Roommate, Arby Fields, yells from across the room, “Absolutely!”) Yes I am.  I love my mama.
Who is your celebrity crush?
(Once again roommate yells out, “Natalie Portman!”)  My favorite movie is V for Vendetta and she is amazing.  The no hair is what did it (He is completely serious).
What are you looking for in a girlfriend?
Hmmmm……a nerdy girl who will watch Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings with me.  Someone who loves music and can just sit around with me and read a book or watch Teen Mom or sports.  Also someone who is smart, athletic, very funny and charismatic.
Why HC loves Davion: Not only is he super athletic, but he’s a sweetheart too! He’ll teach you how to throw a football and then be your cuddle buddy during a Teen Mom marathon.  What gets better than that?  I know what number I’ll be keeping my eye on Saturday.