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To Cuff or Not to Cuff? Should You Pursue a New Relationship This Season?

To cuff or not to cuff? That is the question that plagues everyone’s mind as we enter into cooler fall days and sweater weather. One goes through their day normally until suddenly you notice a particular notification:


“Susy Mae is in a relationship with Jean Lou”

As you continue your Facebook binge, you notice that is not just Susy Mae. A majority of your friends are also in new relationships. How did this happen so fast?!

According to Urban Dictionary, cuffing season is a time, “during the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be ‘cuffed’ or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.”

The impact of this yearly phenomenon emerged as more than just wanting to escape loneliness. It was a survival strategy that our ancestors used to pool resources. In the past, supplies tended to diminish as the weather changed, so people had to pair off. This translates to the current pattern of people subconsciously coupling up in the winter time.

But why does this still happen? I say maybe it is because people want to bring someone home for the holidays to avoid the ever so awkward, “So do you have an SO?” from relatives.

Maybe you just want someone to go to when you are feeling lonely and cold.

What is most important is to recognize that you are not defined by who you date or hook up. You are a wonderful being who has hobbies, interest, dreams and aspirations. Also, the feelings of loneliness are just aspects of wanting companionship. If you are feeling sad or lonely, (seasonal depression is real y’all!) I would recommend reaching out to friends to hang out with you.

As the cuffing season commences, remind yourself of your value, who you are inside, and you do not need someone by your side to be amazing.  


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