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Campus Cutie: Zach Daniel Freier-Harrison

Name: Zach Daniel Freier-Harrison

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Major: Theatre, Cognitive Science, and Musical Theatre Certificate

Claim to fame: Lord Farquaad in the upcoming Dolphin Show (Largest student run production in the country) Shrek the Musical

Favorite comfort food: Chocolate chip cookies


Where did you draw inspiration for the role of Lord Farquaad in Shrek the Musical?

I drew inspiration both from the movie’s depiction of Farquaad and from the stereotypical queen of hearts.


What is your favorite part about playing Lord Farquaad?

My favorite part about playing Farquaad is how far I can go with the craziness that the musical encourages. Also, I love the backstory between me and my henchman, Thelonius, played by Dan Liu.


How long and how often have you been rehearsing for the performance?

[I have been rehearsing] Monday through Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday for about four hours a night since early November. I was also in Pride and Prejudice for the first month of rehearsal, and as such I missed much of the beginning of the process.


How has preparation for this show, being that it is the Dolphin Show, been any different from other shows you’ve performed in?

The preparation has been quite different mostly because of how large the cast is. Much more than usual of the preparation has to be done on your own because there is simply too much for the directors to do. Also, Dolphin, in a fantastic way, takes over your life while you’re in it. Dolphin is such a warm family of fantastic people— all you want to do is spend time with each and every one of them. Also, as the largest student produced show in the country, much help is needed from everyone involved, cast and crew alike, to get the set/costumes/tech ready.


What has been the most difficult part of rehearsal for this role?

The most difficult part is probably maneuvering in my costume.  Between fake legs, a cape, and walking on my knees, simply moving around is a big challenge


What can audience members expect from you and the cast when the show opens?

Audience members can expect to see an amazing production which will both remind them of the movie we all know and love, and surprise them with the many elaborations and liberties the show takes to make the musical an irreplaceable experience.



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