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Miley Cyrus’ song “Flowers” is a hit—one of the most popular self-empowerment and self-love anthems today. Given Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it is especially important for all of us to remember to buy ourselves flowers. Who needs a Valentine or significant other when you can love yourself? So on February 14, buy yourself flowers, among other things, and use Miley’s song as inspiration.

“I can buy myself flowers”

Buy yourself flowers. You don’t need a man or woman to do it for you. While you are at it, buy yourself a box of chocolates and that piece of jewelry you have been eyeing.

“Write my name in the sand”

Grand displays of love are fun, so show yourself some love by doing something you love. Read your favorite book, binge an exciting new show, go online shopping, or bake a yummy treat. 

“Talk to myself for hours”

Enjoy your own company. Going out for a cup of coffee in a cute café, treating yourself to a meal at your favorite restaurant, or enjoying a manicure are just some of the many ways you can have a great solo date. 

“Say things you don’t understand”

You know yourself best so spend Valentine’s Day with people who will make you feel the best and allow you to be truly yourself. Whether this means having a nice day alone, with family, or with friends, stick with people who make you feel as great as you are. 

“I can take myself dancing”

Dance like nobody’s watching (because no one is). You cannot go wrong with dance parties in your dorm, bedroom, basement, or another cozy, comfortable place. Turn on your favorite music and let loose. Even better, turn up all the songs that make you feel like a confident queen.

“And I can hold my own hand”

You are strong and independent. It can be nice to have someone else hold your hand, and maybe one day someone will. For now, hold your own hand. Be your own date. Make this day special for you.

“Yeah, I can love me better than you can”

All in all, you have the power to shape how February 14 goes. Let’s all love ourselves this Valentine’s Day—and under no circumstances, please do not forget the flowers.

Madeleine Stern

Northwestern '25

Madeleine is studying journalism at Northwestern University. When she is not writing, she can be found exploring Chicago, trying new Evanston restaurants, going for runs along the Lakefill, dancing around her dorm room, cheering on the New York Giants, or spending time with her friends.