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The Best Summer Concerts of 2013

The summer is quickly approaching, and along with days on the beach and reuniting with old friends, summer concerts are a highlight of the season. Here’s a diverse collection of the biggest names hitting the road this summer, from The Rolling Stones to Justin Bieber, sure to be helpful to fans of every genre. 

If you like country, look out for:

If you’re into pop, look out for:

as well as her lovely husband and his well-dressed collaborator:

If you’re into new artists, don’t miss: 

and the relative newcomer:

But if you’re down for a throwback, check out: 

or if margaritas are your drink of choice:

or if the stage isn’t the only thing you’d like to be high:

If you’re okay with throngs of screaming teens, go for:

or preteen faves:

or love bashing on your exes:

Happy listening!

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