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Best Outdoor Study Spots

While the library served as a much welcomed place of refuge during the harsh winter months, it’s time for a change of scenery.  Spring fever’s got you itching to ditch the grey library walls for the sunshine outdoors.  But, escaping the library doesn’t mean that you won’t have space to study anymore!  If you’re looking to soak up the sun and scenery of springtime while studying, here are some of NU’s best outdoor study spots:

Erickson-Koch Memorial Garden

Nestled in a lower level of the grassy area on the south side of Deering Library, enter this area through a gate for a hidden-garden studying experience.  The Erickson-Koch Memorial Garden is beautiful, spacious, and perfect for studying.  It’s also near the Main and Deering Library entrances if you need to quickly dart in to reference a book or charge your computer!

Deering Meadow

Located right in front of the Deering Library entrance, Deering Meadow is a great place to study.  Pick a spot in the sun to soak up some rays, or lean up against a tree to study in the shade.  The cars passing by might be a distraction – but Deering Meadow’s so big that you’re bound to find a spot that works for you!  

Marjorie Weinberg Garden

Just south of Deering Meadow, not too far from The Rock, is the Marjorie Weinberg Garden.  Beautifully landscaped, this garden is the perfect place to study.  The circular benches work well for group meetings, and the garden offers the same proximity to the libraries as do Deering Meadow and the Erickson-Koch Memorial Garden.

Norris – Outdoors

Norris’ outdoors area serves up some great studying spots.  With an upper level and a lower level of purple picnic tables, grab a few friends and do some work in the sunshine.  If you end up in need of food, an outlet, or some air-conditioning, the inside of Norris is only a few steps away!

The Lakefill

One of the most beautiful places on campus, The Lakefill is a great place to go if you are seeking out some sunshine.  Take a towel or yoga mat with you and spread out on the grass to enjoy your day as your study in the company of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline!



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