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‘The Bachelor’ Season Finale Predictions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

The Bachelor season finale is just around the corner and I cannot wait. Last week, Bachelor Nation was blessed with a back to back of the “Women Tell All” and the iconic fantasy suite episode. 

This season of The Bachelor is getting real. It started out all fun and games, with nicknames like the “kissing bandit” and bumper car trauma, but season 22 is coming to a close, and so is Arie’s relationship status.

Three years ago, I started watching The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise trilogy and I haven’t been able to stop ever since. My family – dad and brothers included – would all cram into our family room with popcorn and prepare for our Monday ritual of watching The Bachelor. The night would usually end with me yelling at my dad to stop asking questions about who every single person was because he was clearly not as invested as I was. Even though I am so skeptical of this process and the fact that people fall head over heels in a little over 10 weeks, this show is still full-heartedly my guilty pleasure. I am so passionate about the women on this show and I have very strong opinions about every relationship (just so you know I have been right about every woman sent home this season). Here are some predictions about the final episode from one of the most die-hard Bachelor fans you will ever meet.

Here we are, down to the final rose. There are two women standing, but only one to take the prize. Who will it be, Becca K. or Lauren B.?


Becca K. is awesome and definitely wife and mother material. She is very down to Earth, grateful and definitely knows that her feelings for Arie are real. So far their relationship has been smooth sailing since the first date – no complications, no doubts, no drama. But, last episode we were thrown a curve ball to jolt things up just a smidge before the final rose. For those of you who missed this, Becca’s ex, who she dated for seven years, decided to show up in Peru and try to win Becca back. To his dismay, she refused. Not only was Becca shook, but so was Arie, when he also received a visit from the ex. Arie, respectful as always, said that he couldn’t speak on behalf of Becca’s feelings, but that he would appreciate if the ex would respect his and Becca’s relationship and stay out of the picture. The ex responded by saying that he wasn’t sure if he could do that. This creates a layer of uncertainty gently seeping into the cracks in Becca and Arie’s relationship. Uh oh. Does this mean Becca will be left at the altar at the end of this? I think yes.


Oh sweet, shy Lauren B. I think back on this crazy season and wonder how such a meek personality made it through to the end. Lauren is beautiful, but she definitely has a troubled past. She is extremely closed off, and when she opens up, she is very emotional. I think Arie is the kind of guy who likes the chase, and there is something about Lauren that is drawing him in. Arie and Lauren are such a picturesque couple and they seem to be on the same page about everything. I believe that Arie will give the final rose to Lauren, and they will be another couple in Bachelor history.

No matter who Arie chooses, it has been another successful season of drama, fun and of course, love.

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