Arbonne: Finally, an Attainable Approach to Healthy Living

This week I interviewed, Michaela Kovacevic, Arbonne Executive District Manager, to discuss the brand and exactly what their products can deliver. Arbonne, a company focused on nurturing inner and outer beauty, takes pride in its community of thousands of consultants, like Kovacevic, who help share these products every day. When interviewing Kovacevic, her excitement and passion grew exponentially as we discussed some of her favorite parts of Arbonne and how Arbonne has changed her for the better.

How would you define Arbonne?

"Arbonne is a health, wellness and a personal growth company. Our products help you establish healthy living inside and out, with focuses from nutrition, especially gut health, to skincare to bath and body. These products will help you live your best life.”

How did you first hear about Arbonne and why did you stick with it?

Like a lot of Arbonne consultants, Kovacevic first heard about the brand from one of her close friends. But, at first, Kovacevic was intimidated to start their famous 30 Day Cleanse.

“I was working out at Orangetheory and I thought I was practicing healthy eating, but was afraid to start the 30 Days To Healthy Living.”

But once she started, she wish she had started earlier. “I didn’t realize I wasn’t eating the right foods.”

Arbonne’s 30-day cleanse cuts out foods like wheat/gluten/yeast, dairy, alcohol, sugar/artificial sweeteners, coffee and soy, slowly adding each component back to help you identify problematic food groups. Ever since Kovacevic learned to avoid gluten and dairy, she hasn’t had a single stomach ache and her acne cleared up.

“The products are just so easy to use … it’s stupid easy.”

What are your favorite Arbonne products?

“Definitely the fizz sticks. They have B12, green tea extract and antioxidants, and are the best natural source of energy. And they taste like juice!”

Kovacevic described how she can’t live without the Arbonne primer and foundation. “When [the foundation] says skin perfecting, it really is.”

The RE9 anti-aging products promote brightness, firmness and reduce fine lines and rosacea. “I wake up everyday glowing and go to bed glowing.”

What can you tell us about Arbonne’s sustainability attitude and use of plant-based products?

“Our motto is ‘Pure, Safe, and Beneficial.’ Arbonne bans over 2000 ingredients from being used in our products,” allowing for solely natural and safe ingrediants for people of all ages and sensitivities. “‘Beneficial’… well because our products actually work!”

Kovacevic remembers trying various brands that offered the same things but never quite finding the right fit – until Arbonne.

What led you to want to become Arbonne Executive District Manager?

Kovacevic described choosing this role as a college student and not wanting to report to the rigidities of schedule that came with her prior work in sales. Anyone who takes the first step in Arbonne sales starts off as an independent consultant with incentives (like international trips or the Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus program) to further motivate sales.

“But multi-level marketing gets a bad wrap,” Kovacevic said. "People think its a pyramid scheme.”

But that’s not Arbonne. “There’s no one person at the top. Our founder, Petter Mørc, chose this model so stay-at-home moms could attain a sustainable income."

Kovacevic was attracted to the company's merit-based sales structure. "The beauty of this business is that it’s based on your work and what you’re willing to put forth... You have to work for it.” Kovacevic then added, “The products have truly helped me transform into a version of myself I never thought I’d become, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.”

What advice would you give someone trying Arbonne the first time?

“If you’re thinking about it, just go for it. Stay positive, and try your absolute best. Keep on going, and though not every single month will be the best month, don’t get discouraged! Believe in yourself, believe in Arbonne.”  

Interested in learning more? Know someone who could benefit from Arbonne products? Reach out to Michaela Kovacevic at [email protected]