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Andrew Mylniec ’14

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Homer Glen, IL
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Relationship Status: Single

Likes: I like chilling with friends, working out, and getting to know new people. The more the merrier. I also like playing sports, quoting random movie lines, and joking around. Nothing I ever say is serious.
Dislikes: I dislike vegetables, especially broccoli. It's the worst.

Describe your personality: I'm pretty outgoing, once you meet me in a social setting. I like to think I'm a bit crazy sometimes. I am determined,but also a little stubborn at times. The most important trait Ihave is the fact that I am always loyal to my friends and family.

Ideal Date:My ideal date includes dinner with casual conversation, with jokes made back and worth. Nothing too serious after that. It's up to the lady to decide what's going down after. We can kick it, sing, dance, party, you name it and I'd be down to do it. I like to keep things relaxed. There's no need for pressure.

Perfect Woman: My perfect woman is brunette with beautiful eyes. She can take jokes and dish 'em back at me. She is shorter than me and knows how to keep me grounded when I get too cocky. She knows when its appropriate to chill and when to rage. She'd also like being around me a lot, but doesn't freak when I tell her I need space. The most important thing, she has to be able to not care what people think of her at anypoint. That's the best feature. Spitting out random movie quote references and being randomly eccentric are also appreciated.

What are you involved in on campus: So, on campus I'm pretty heavily involved in a lot of different activities. I help out with an engineering group, and I am on my second year of dance marathon. I'm also involved in my fraternity (Sig Ep). The group that I'm the most heavily involved in and have the most fun doing is club rugby. It's extremely intense and a lot of fun. The culture surrounding is also a blast. I don't love anything more than that at the moment.

Anything else we should know: I seem pretty detached at first, but it's only because I don't show myself all at once. Once you meet me though you'll have a blast. I love seeing techno/house concerts with my friends and watching movies. If your favorite movie is Anchorman, get at me. Life's too short to follow the rules, you gotta live a little.

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Amanda Oppold


Amanda loves being involved with Her Campus at Northwestern University where she is a junior journalism major. She keeps busy by taking leadership roles in her sorority Zeta Tau Alpha, riding horses on Northwestern's Equestrian Team and having fun with her roommates and their kitten Mufasa. One day Amanda hopes to write for a fashion magazine.
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