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Andrew Kim ’13

Name: Andrew Kim
Birthday:  April 2nd, 1991
Major: Economics
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Hometown: Deerfield, Illi.
Likes: Swimming, Snowboarding, Being lazy, Chipotle, Sushi, Working out, J. Crew, and House music
Dislikes: Guacamole, Going to class, Cold weather
What are you involved with on campus: AYS (Asian Youth Services) We go to Chicago once a week and help underprivileged students with their homework. I’d like to be more involved otherwise, but, honestly, until the weather gets warmer I’m all about going snowboarding on the weekends. Maybe when it gets warmer I’ll start doing more activities.
How long have you been dating your girlfriend for: Well actually, I just started dating her three hours ago. 
Oh, so this is brand new!  How did you ask her out:  I’ve liked her for a while and we’ve gone on a few dates. I’ve even told her I liked her a few times but never got a response. So, finally, I decided I needed to do something more drastic. I went to her house with a bouquet of flowers.
What’s your favorite thing about your girlfriend:  She’s really cute and artsy, which I love. It’s just too bad that she doesn’t go to Northwestern (she goes to school in the city) because I want to see her everyday!
Why HC Loves Andrew Kim: Andrew is a well-rounded Campus Cutie with the perfect mix of sporty and sweet. But sorry Northwestern ladies, this one’s off the market. 

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