7 Swimsuit Trends for 2017

Summertime is upon us, and that means it’s time to splurge on a new swimsuit to look fierce when you hit the beach or pool. While the most important element of a new suit is how confident you feel in it, there is no harm is trying out some of this season’s trends. Here’s a lowdown on what you’re likely to find on the racks in the mall when you’re hunting for that perfect suit.


1. High-waisted bikini bottoms

Remember when “granny panty” style bottoms were embarrassing? I guess things really have changed. This trend has been in style for a few years now, but this year it is everywhere you look. From patterned to lace-up to high-leg, there are infinite possibilities for how to make this look unique.


2. Lots of straps

Am I the only one who has a vendetta against strapless bathing suits because they always fall down? Well, I have to say, I’m quite pleased that the swimsuit industry has done a complete 180 and ventured into the world of excessive straps. They definitely add a little extra something to a typical bathing suit top. Way to turn simple into chic!

3. High-leg bottoms

2017 is the year of showing off more booty than ever, and I’m not complaining. High-leg bottoms rise unusually high on the thigh for a flattering look that accentuates the hips. It’s definitely far from the traditional swimsuit bottom, but who doesn’t love to be a bit more scandalous during the summertime? It’s your time to shine!


4. Lace-up necklines

Lace-up accents have been trending across all fashion realms, from t-shirt dresses to crop tops. Just in time for the hotter months, the fad has crossed over to poolside attire. As long as you’re not concerned with awkward tan lines, this look is the perfect way to add a little flair to your basic bikini.

5. Off-the-shoulder tops

Suns out, shoulders out! As if you haven’t seen this fashion craze everywhere already, there’s no time like the present to incorporate it into your summer wardrobe. It’s a cute twist on the essential strapless bikini, and will make your ensemble just that much more on trend.

6. Quirky catchphrases  

One-pieces have made their comeback in all forms, but a style that’s hitting the racks hard this year is a plain suit with a catchphrase graphic across the front. This is almost an upgrade on the classic “lifeguard” swimsuit. From things like “bae-watch” to “get salty,” you can now use your beachwear to express yourself even more!

7. Tropical prints

Nothing says summer like a tropical printed swimsuit. I’ll admit that this trend is not exclusive to 2017. But I’ll also say that this look has come into style with a passion this year, especially when it comes to classier patterns, like simple green leaves. This style is all over the place, so there must be something special about it (besides the fact that it could sometimes look like marijuana). 




I hope this guide helps to give you a little insight into what you might find during a swimsuit shopping excursion as you prepare for summer. Whether you want to be trendy or not, any swimsuit you wear will be unbelievably fierce as long as you rock it with confidence. 


Photos Courtesy of Forever21