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7 Shows to Watch When You’re Tired and Don’t Want to Commit

Usually when my friends and I go out, we come home so tired and late we just want to crash on our beds. However, recently, we have had the energy to chill out and had the urge to watch TV or a movie. Often in these times, I just want to make these decisions fast, but tiredness makes one indecisive. So here is a list of the best TV shows to watch when you actually want to relax to Netflix (or whatever site provides these).


The Office 

A great trait for shows to watch after getting back from a night out are the ones that don’t require too much thinking, but aren’t dumb, so as to keep your attention, but if you doze off or zone out, it’s going to be alright. “The Office” is a classic, and I do recommend watching the whole thing, start to finish, but this is a great one to watch when tired because you are able to start anywhere without being too hung-up on the whole plot. Plus, this show is beyond funny, so it’s worth it.

Bob’s Burgers

This is one of the funniest adult cartoons out there right now. Again, you can start anywhere and still be satisfied. And again, this one will induce belly-aching laughter and good times, so be ready.

Gilmore Girls

If you want something more mellow that will still give you a good feeling, “Gilmore Girls” is for you. The cheap humor and witty puns are fabulous to watch when chilling out with friends, but is definitely something that doesn’t require too much commitment. Lorelai and Rory do have their fair share of drama, but the pleasant nature of their relationship cancels out any stress.

Parks and Recreation

Similar to “The Office,” “Parks and Rec” is an iconic comedy show. It has the perfect mix of intelligent writing, hilarious improv and great characters (and actors). This was truly a cast put together by some higher power, they just mesh so well. Like a lot of these shows, it does have an overall plot with character arcs, but starting on any season or watching out of order is fine as well.

Gravity Falls

I am very biased with this show, because it is my favorite cartoon. This is originally a kids show on The Disney Channel, but has been taken in by many adults due to its smart comedy, randomness as well as its characters. As a kids show, this is almost encouraged to be watched out of order, but it does have a mystery throughout the series, so definitely go back and watch this one when wide awake.


A glorified classic, I don’t really need to explain why this is fantastic for a chill night. There is a reason that this series has a very special place in a lot of people’s hearts; it’s funny, feel-good and doesn’t hurt your brain or your heart (too much). It doesn’t get you too invested either, so a great background show to fall asleep to as well. I do recommend this one for regular viewer pleasure, though, but nothing ends the perfect night like spending time with your favorite set of friends (wow, I went there).

Bee and PuppyCat

A little less known by a majority of people, “Bee and PuppyCat” is a YouTube series that has over 1 million views on each of its episodes. This cartoon is about a young woman and her very sassy cat. They do random, everyday things but PuppyCat’s cuteness combined with the very simplistic animation makes for some of the best TV nights. The voices are chill, but there are also laughs to be had. 

Alani Vargas


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