6 Styles to Keep You Warm This Winter

Your eyes water from the wind, the heat leaves your morning coffee before you even make it to class, and ugly Christmas sweaters are already on sale. The cold arrived, and it's impossible not to face it.

If you have not already bought layers for this winter, here are a few popular styles to give you some ideas about what to buy, with increasing levels of warmth.

1. The denim jacket

Perhaps not the warmest option, but a timeless option; denim never goes out of style. A jean jacket, especially oversized, or maybe interestingly embroidered or painted, gives any outfit a trendy but casual look.

Image by Margo Milanowski featuring Isabel Alamin

2.The thrifted, vintage looking overcoat

For a casual, interesting look, a thrifted, older looking coat can complete an outfit. The natural tones can even give off an outdoorsy vibe. 

Image by Margo Milanowski featuring Anneliese Slamowitz

3. The fuzzy or furry coat

A little warmer and a little dressier of an option, a fuzzy, furry, super soft coat will be your new best friend, and you’ll look killer. Wearing a blanket has never been so fashionable.

Image by Margo Milanowski featuring Ashlee Mitchel

4. The peacoat

For a classy, put together look, a peacoat lets everyone know you mean business. Extra points come for patterned, long peacoats, or interesting colors.

Image via Creative Commons

5. The ski/snowboard jacket

Show everyone your sporty chic side with a ski or snowboard jacket. You’ll look unique and trendy, but will be much warmer than if you had worn just a jean jacket.

Image by Margo Milanowski featuring Gabrielle Rabon

6. The classic parka

A full-length parka is the ultimate winter necessity for places where it gets below freezing, and sometimes well below zero degrees. Get extra warmth points with a furry hood.

Image via Creative Commons