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5 Reasons Why I Love My Valentine’s Day Birthday

People always freak out when I tell them that my birthday is Valentine’s Day. I receive mixed reactions, such as…

  • “Awww, that is so sweet!” 
  • “Wow, that sucks. I hate Valetine’s Day.”
  • “Man, wish your boyfriend good luck.”

I tend to agree more with the first comment. I love that my birthday is on Feburary 14th, and here are a few reasons why:

1. It gives me an excuse to spend Valentine’s day with my family. I never had to worry or stress about having a date for Valentine’s day because my immediate family is always my date. 

2. It also gives me another excuse to spend Valentine’s day with my best friends. After all, why does the 14th have to be all about your boyfriend or girlfriend? I love my friends just as much! 

3. I get double the dessert. ‘Nuff said.

4. I am not overwhelmed with an endless supply of flowers and chocolates. Instead, I tend to get more thoughtful and meaningful Birthday/Valentine’s Day gifts. 

5.  I never feel society’s pressure to have a boyfriend or have a date on Valentine’s day, and I have come to realize how utterly cliché the entire holiday can be. Instead, I get tons of birthday wishes, and watch everyone else struggle with their love life. 

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