5 Makeup Brushes for Daily Use

These are the makeup brushes I use every day and absolutely adore. Though a lot of these listed below have a hefty price-tag (they were hand-me-downs!) I’ve tried to describe the feel of the brushes so that you can find a similar brush in other companies that are cheaper if you're not quite willing to make the splurge! If anything, I've learned that a few key brushes are essential in a makeup collection.

Chanel 12 Eye Shadow 

This is a super fluffy eye shadow brush that I absolutely love. I use this brush to blend dark colors or lightly dust on some sparkle to the outsides of my eyelids.  Because this brush is so fluffy, I love that I can be somewhat careless when putting on eye shadow because I can trust that this brush will blend everything perfectly.

Chanel 12 brow brush

This is a stiff and angled eyebrow brush. I’ve used this brush on both powder and crème brow pallets (Anastasia dipbrow pomade and powder duo) and it’s worked really well with both consistencies. The stiffness of the brush makes creating sharp and accurate lines super easy, and the flat edge makes light strokes for the insides of your brows a simple task.

Mac 266 Eyeliner Brush

I’ve used the same brush for my eyeliner for over 6 years and it still works perfectly. I love this brush because the angled and stiff brush makes doing winged eyeliner so easy, and the flat edge makes filling in the wings super easy as well. As someone who always wings her eyeliner, I wouldn’t use any other eyeliner brush. I use the MAC’s Blacktrack Fluidline eyeliner over a layer of Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion to keep my eyeliner intact the whole day!

Chanel 7 Foundation/Powder

This is the only brush I trust using my liquid foundation with. This super-soft stipple brush is definitely not stiff in any regards (mainly because the bristles are fairly long). This foundation brush makes putting on an even layer of liquid foundation, super quick and easy. I also use this brush to subtly blend together my highlight and bronzer so that there’s no harsh contrast. 

Elf Kabuki Brush

This $6 brush is probably my all-time favorite because one, it’s super cheap and two, it blends any harsh lines in just a few strokes. The kabuki brush has made my learning process of contouring super forgiving. Whenever I have a wacky contour that just won’t blend properly, this brush will smooth it right over to give my makeup an airbrushed effect. I also use this brush freely to lightly highlight my cheekbones or blend my foundation down my neck/jaw line.


If you're a makeup brush newbie, I'd highly recommend these personal favorites as a great way to get started or simply as a worthy addition to a collection for you makeup mavens out there!