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2023: the Year of the Fiscally Responsible You? 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

By Caroline O’Shea

Every year, the month of January awards individuals with the platform of a fresh start. In fact, it seems like phrases such as “new year new you” and “glow up” can be overheard in about every conversation that pops up in the new year. However, the desire to improve mindsets and create healthy decision making can prove easier said than done. Financials are a good example of this phenomenon. No matter how hard one might try to stick to a budget or save money from time to time, we are met with countless advertisements for end of the year clearance sales or products that claim to “help us achieve our 2023 goals” that leave us feeling frustrated. However, being fiscally responsible in the new year is achievable, and it doesn’t have to involve the complete restructuring of how you spend your money. Here are some tips that may make your financial goals feel a little more achievable! 

Take advantage of dining dollars

Don’t get me wrong; treating yourself to a fun dinner away from campus is fun and a great way to diversify your palette away from the typical meal plan at Northwestern. However, places like Norris offer multiple different food options like Viet-Nom-Nom or Mod Pizza that offer the same (if not better) cuisines and quality of food that you could get in Evanston!

Keep track of your coffee runs

As an avid coffee lover who loves to venture Downtown for a quality cappuccino, the unfortunate reality is that coffee in the age of inflation can be expensive. As such, it can be helpful to tally or mentally oversee your coffee expenses to ensure that you aren’t going overboard. 

Pay attention to delivery fees

Over the past few weeks we have begun to see the weather drop to temperatures far too low to wear open toed shoes. As such, many are tempted to opt for delivery services like Door Dash or Instacart in order to obtain goods from places like Target, Walmart or even Trader Joes. However, a brisk 15 minute walk in the appropriate clothing could save you amounts of up to $15-$20 per week based on delivery fees alone!

NU Shuttle

On the topic of cold weather traveling, one look at the weather app may streamline someone directly towards Uber or Lyft. However, an Uber North to South Campus without tip can be up to $10 one way (which again can add up without one even realizing). Therefore, taking advantage of the NU shuttle can be integral in your movement from place to place without the need to drop $20 per trip!


While Depop is just one example, the new year for some can also mean premature spring closet cleaning. As such, taking advantage of platforms like Depop can allow you to capitalize on your cleaning while also encouraging the increase of sustainable habits!

While these are just some tips that can help you save money in the new year, there are endless creative ways to have fun and be fiscal as a college student in the 21st century!

I’m a junior studying political science, international studies, and environmental policy. I love all things lifestyle — fashion, beauty, art, interior design ... it's all so inspiring to me. When I'm not editing for Her Campus, you can find me spending time with friends, family, and my wheaten terrier puppy, Eloise. VSCO is my preferred form of social media, and my go-to Starbucks order is a brown sugar shaken espresso. I could watch "AD Open Door" or "Life in Looks" for hours. And, there's nothing better than a beach day in August.