17 Relatable Sibling Moments for National Siblings Day

This Monday is National Siblings Day and even though our sisters and brothers might drive us up the wall sometimes, there are moments we share that can only be understood by siblings. While some of us can’t hang out with our siblings today because of work, classes and general distance, we can still remind ourselves of all the good times we’ve shared with them. So take some time today to shoot them a text or give them a call just to let them know you were thinking about them. No matter what the age difference between you might be, you can share a laugh and a few knowing nods today as you scroll through this list of relatable sibling moments.

1. When you wanted to borrow an outfit but you weren't fast enough:

2. When they're younger than you and don't know how to be sneaky yet:

3. When they always tried to take your stuff without asking:

4. When you were overwhelmed with betrayal the first time they tattled on you:

5. When you had to reclaim your territory:

6. When everything had to be a competition: 

7. When everyone else was clearly wrong: 

8. When you got into fights and things went too far:

9. When you couldn't help but be happy that they got in trouble:

10. When they ate the last Pop-Tart you were keeping for yourself:

11. When you had to show them who's boss and prove that you were in charge:

12. When they were a few years older than you and you had to put up with this all the time:

13. When you had to pretend to get along in front of your parents and you got creative with it:

14. When they made you take the fall for something and there was nothing you could do about it:

15. When they refused to help just to annoy you:

16. When you both knew you'd be in trouble and had to work together:

17. When you annoy each other but still secretly love each other:

Don’t forget to send this list to your siblings today to let them know you care!