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Halloween is quickly descending upon us, and that means it is time to celebrate. Whether that means putting out some pumpkins, decorating your walls with spider webs, or having your space enter full haunted house mode, there are plenty of ways to get into the Halloween spirit. My personal favorite is to watch movies and TV, but with midterms and activities ramping up, I don’t have time to dedicate two hours for a movie. This is why I lean more towards Halloween episodes because, in all honesty, they are much faster and, in some cases, better than any movie. Plenty of truly iconic shows have tackled the Halloween episode, but only some know how to do it right. Here are some of my favorite Halloween episodes to get you into the holiday spirit: 

But first here are some quick honorable mentions for some more great Halloween episodes if you are in need of some content: New Girl, Parks & Recreation, The Office, Modern Family, New Girl, and Gilmore Girls .

Brooklyn 99 (S1 E6, S2 E4, S3 E5, S4 E5, S5 E4, S6 E16, S7 E11, S8 E9)

This show does Halloween right, largely because of how much of a tradition it becomes every season with the iconic Halloween heist. The premise is simple: there is an object that one of the members of the precinct must have by midnight . Whoever does is awarded the prize with the distinction of An Amazing Detective/Genius. As always, antics ensue and watching the game grow more and more complicated each year becomes incredibly fun. Halloween is used well as the backdrop for the mischief and mayhem because while this is occurring, the members of the precinct all still have to do their jobs.

Freaks & Geeks (S1 E3)

Another midwest show set in the 80s, this episode follows a band of kids (the geeks) trick or treating as freshmen in high school, an age some think is too old to trick or treat (though I disagree). It simultaneously follows one of the geeks’ sisters as she tries to bond with the cool crowd (the freaks) despite not really fitting the bill for who they normally hang with. It demonstrates the growing pains of high school and with Halloween specifically, which takes me back to both the goods and bads of my Halloween high school experiences. 

It’s the great pumpkin, Charlie brown

This is the Halloween project of my childhood. Though it may not be considered a television episode, I am too nostalgic for it to deny it a spot on my list. It is incredibly wholesome, as it follows Linus awaiting the Great Pumpkin to appear on Halloween night while the rest of the gang goes trick or treating. It has the perfect fall ambiance to snuggle up to and the characters are all familiar ones you can’t help but root for. The animation style just reminds me of childhood and simplicity, truly one of the most pure and adorable Halloween television creations possibly ever. 

Stranger Things (S2 E2)

A show that in and of itself feels like a giant Halloween project, the Halloween specific episode explores the town of Hawkins having a seemingly normal holiday. The kids get to dress up and go trick or treating, the teens get to have a party, and Joyce gets to watch a horror movie. Will and Hopper are the only characters facing some level of Hawkins type threat, because it is Stranger Things after all. Nonetheless, this episode provides a Halloween movie type of experience, simply in a shorter time frame and with all the characters we know and love living with some sense of normalcy. It is such a joy and comfort to watch. 

Wandavision (S1 E6)

Even for those not interested in superhero content, Wandavision works well to play into the nostalgic, wholesome factor of sitcom television, especially for the 90s and early 2000s. This Halloween episode plays into that by breaking the fourth wall and surprisingly good homemade costumes. The charismatic performances of the characters lean into this all-over-the-place American family trying to have a perfect Halloween in their perfect American town, while building up this mystery of the illusion of their town.

Community (S2 E6)

This episode is a zombie movie that comes to life as spoiled food causes a zombie apocalypse break out across a community college campus during a Halloween party. This causes the students to battle it out for their own survival, going great lengths to accomplish that. This episode is where this show shines, playing with other genres in a way that uses both horror and the ridiculousness.

Curb Your ENTHUSIASM (S2 E3)

When a group of teenagers shows up to a man’s house demanding candy but without costume, the man learns a bit more about the trick element of trick or treat. This episode is really fun, with all the great elements of Halloween. For someone whose dad has complained multiple times about teenagers not wearing costumes on Halloween, it will always put a smile on my face. 

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