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10 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

There’s Valentine’s Day, then there’s Galentine’s Day, but what about a day for a little self-love? Whether you’re in a relationship, have a bae on the side, or are single, you should always make a little time for yourself. Here are ten ways to spice up your Valentine’s Day and give yourself and your body a big hug and thank-you for all the hard work.

Read a good book

With the stress of school and constant readings for classes, when was the last time you could read something you actually enjoy reading? Take an opportunity with a nice cup of tea to relax with some good literature. You’ll be surprised by how great it feels to snuggle up with a novel!

Cook your favorite meal

Between dining halls, rushing off to class, and the convenience of take-out, collegiettes learn to appreciate a good meal. Let this V-Day be the time that you can enjoy your favorite foods and actually savor each bite without sprinting out the door to your next commitment. No need to wait to be home for the taste of homemade mac n’ cheese!

Take a bubble bath

Sprinkle in some bath salts or toss in a bath bomb, and be just like the pictures that you always see featured on your insta feed. Get fancy with a glass of wine and some rose petals and sit with some feel-good music or a book and let the steam take your stress away.

Paint your nails

Going to the salon might feel like too much of a splurge, but taking a little time to paint your nails can make you just feel put together and like a total princess. It’ll be so worth it when you look down while taking notes in class and see some pretty polish to brighten your day.

Go shopping

Normally you go shopping for your significant other for a gift, so celebrate your own successes with a little gift. Take some time to think about something you’ve wanted for a while and just for today, “treat yoself”.

Call your best friend

Laughing is proven to improve mental health, so call up your bff to crack a couple jokes and catch up. Sometimes with busy schedules it can be hard to coordinate time to talk, but it’s so worth it! You’ll get off the phone feeling happier and more relaxed.

Watch your guilty pleasure show

Raise your hand if you have a guilty pleasure show that none of your friends like to watch (guilty!) This is the time to binge-watch that show to your heart’s content with no qualms. Who’s there to stop you from watching all of 90210?

Do some yoga

Yoga is great for the body and mind and can help you relax while releasing some feel-good endorphins. You’ll be more flexible and feel more in tune with your body when life has been hectic.


Sometimes all you need is just a little time to think and reflect. Take just five or ten minutes to breathe, and think of as many things as possible in that time that for which you are thankful. Even just one session can help you see a more positive outlook on your life.

Take yourself on a date

This might be the hardest one to try because it can be scary! But taking yourself to a movie or out to dinner and having that “me” time can feel really nice, and for once you’ll be focused just on yourself. Just one night will help you get over the fear of being alone, and even give you the confidence to do things you’ve always wanted to do when you don’t have a friend to come with you.

Whether it be something little to take care of your body or an all-out date night to appreciate your efforts, loving yourself is important and HC hopes all collegiettes take some time for self-love!

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