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Who says that Arizona is only known for its scorching temperatures and miles of desert?

Since I’ve moved to Flagstaff for college, I’ve been able to experience a completely different side to Arizona. The pines of Coconino National Forest, the picturesque red rock of Sedona, and the spooky town of Jerome are only a few of the must-see sights for every Arizona resident and out-of-state visitor.

I recently took a weekend trip with my friend to escape our piles of schoolwork and to have some fun before midterms. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to manage school, work, and social life during college. Before the weekend, I made sure I was caught up on my homework and worked ahead to avoid falling behind when I returned home. I also planned out what activities I wanted to do and any places I wanted to see in particular in the towns I planned to visit. Once I had an idea of what I wanted my trip to look like, I set off for adventure.

I began my trip on Saturday morning. My friend and I woke up early and got breakfast together before leaving home. To avoid any hotel costs, I planned my trip to nearby towns and only spent the day visiting. Our first stop was Sedona, Arizona. By leaving early, we were able to avoid the heavy traffic that happens in town toward the afternoon. Once we found a parking spot, we walked around the touristy side of town and shopped at the local stores. While there are many great places to hike and take in views of the red rock scenery, we left our hiking boots behind and spent most of the day shopping and eating good food. One of my favorite places we checked out was Black Cow Cafe. I tried one of their delicious sundaes and added their apple pie to my list of things I’d try next time I visited.

On Sunday morning, my friend and I had another early start to the day and set off for Jerome, Arizona. We were hit with an unexpected rainstorm that put a bit of a damper on our plans. We had originally planned to walk around the small town, but it was still raining when we arrived in Jerome. The rainy weather had resulted in a dense fog that blanketed the entire town. I knew Jerome was a ghost town but I never imagined I’d experience it with this heightened level of spookiness. Although the rain had finally cleared, the fog remained as we marched up and down the streets. By noon we had built up a hearty appetite and made our way to the Haunted Hamburger restaurant. The plate proportions were enough to feed a single stomach and then some. After lunch, we took a look at a few more stores before heading home.

Even though I only had the weekend to travel, I was able to make two fun and successful trips during the school year. As long as there is prior planning, it is very easy to take some time and have a little fun in between classes and schoolwork. Whether you live in Arizona or not, these towns are just a few of the many exciting places to visit on a vacation or to escape to during school.

Destiny Kelln

Northern Arizona '24

Hey everyone! I'm Destiny and I am currently a sophomore at Northern Arizona University. I'm studying psychological sciences with an emphasis in social and personality psychology. I love listening to music and consider myself a pro in creating the perfect Spotify playlist for any occasion. New Girl is my go to comfort show and I love a good chocolate croissant and a caramel macchiato!
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