You Know You Aren't From MA When...

You know you are from out of state when:

You don't know every lyric and enthusiastic gesture for sweet Caroline.

You slip up and call The Fens Fenway Park

You are not used to wicked being used interchangeable for any word

You start wearing pants and sweaters in September not knowing that the worst is yet to come

The public garden and Boston common mesh into one park

The T confuses/scares you despite the fact that everything, from the train to the station to the map, is color coded like in kindergarten

You think that Quincy Market is in Quincy

You don't have a Dunkin donuts on every street corner-and are especially not used to having three in walking distance

You say to yourself, "South Station must be close to North Station" or "Fenway must be the stop we get off at for the game!"

You can't pronounce Worcester or Peabody correctly