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Why I Love Forever 21

Let’s face it – every collegiette has at least one item from Forever 21 and for perfectly good reason! I admit that I, too, have a love/hate relationship with the store, but its positive aspects keep me going back over and over again.

For starters, two adjectives can be used for practically every piece in Forever 21 – cute and cheap. As most of us constantly seem to be on a tight budget, cheap prices become our best friends. Forever 21 is the perfect fix for saving money while doing some retail therapy. Everything in the store is affordable. Now it’s just a matter of finding something you like.

Second, I love Forever 21’s wide variety of styles. There is something that fits every mood, every person’s individual style, and every occasion. I have worn at least one thing purchased from Forever 21 to interviews, formal presentations, workouts, and just in my day-to-day life. My friend even wore a dress from Forever 21 to my sweet sixteen and no one noticed the difference between hers and others’ more expensive frocks.

Because of their enormous range, it also provides easy solutions. Forever 21 is a quick fix to any fashion dilemma. Whether there is a themed night quickly approaching that you forgot to prepare for or just a certain style you wanted for a night out, Forever 21 will have something that suits you and theme or style. With the combination of their prices and wide range of looks, Forever 21 allows you to reinvent your style whenever you please.

Lastly, Forever 21 is inescapable. There is a Forever 21 store in almost every major shopping mall or area. Not only are they everywhere, but many of them also contain multiple floors. There will always be something you haven’t seen yet. Each trip to Forever 21, regardless of where you are, has an abundance of unseen clothes.

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Sora Hwang


Sora Hwang, originally from New Jersey, is a journalism major at Northeastern University. On campus, she is involved in the Student Government Association, Northeastern University Figure Skating Club, Haute Fashion (as an editor) and Her Campus Northeastern (as secretary). In any spare time she can manage, she edits pieces for Pink & Black Magazine as its Life Editor and for Mochi Magazine as its Associate Managing Editor. Over summer 2012, she studied documentary filmmaking in Rome and hopes to expand her knowledge in video editing and production. In addition, she loves playing with her puppies, curling up with hot chocolate, and annoying her friends with her indecisiveness.
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