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Why College Fashion is Important

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Cher Horowitz is known for her meticulous care in picking out the perfect outfit each day. However, she’s not the only one who places high value on fashion. College students everywhere integrate fashion into their daily lives in a variety of ways. Here’s why fashion is so important in college and why you should attend College Fashion Week with Her Campus Oct. 13:

It allows you to express yourself

College is a time when people explore different aspects of themselves from moral values to academic and extracurricular interests. They also start to refine their sense of style. Fashion is one way that people express themselves. It’s a fluid, visual way to portray what someone wants others to see about them. From business casual to party attire, people enjoy the ability to express nuanced sides of themselves in different atmospheres through how they dress.

It can help you make friends

A single compliment on a girl’s new boots on the first day of class can lead to a close friendship throughout one’s school years and beyond. Many students enjoy shopping for clothes with their friends. They often gather in each other’s dorm rooms hours before an event to decide on their outfits for the night. Through common interests, fashion just brings people together.

It can make you feel good about yourself

Fashion makes us feel good about ourselves. For some, it’s the perfect LBD, while for others it may be the right high performance tennis shoes: the right outfit can make us feel confident in our abilities and ourselves.

Her Campus College Fashion Week

Clearly, fashion holds a lot of value for college students, and College Fashion Week is the perfect event to explore all of them! College Fashion Week brings collegiette fashion lovers together to watch their peers model the biggest trends this fall in a night of fun. The College Fashion Week Boston event is on Oct. 13 from 6-9pm at the Revere Hotel. Don’t miss out–get your tickets here and use the code “CFWMODEL10” for $10 off your ticket purchase! 

Nia Beckett

Northeastern '22

Nia is a second-year journalism major with a global fashion studies minor at Northeastern University. She loves Carrie Bradshaw, YouTube, and chai tea lattes. Follow her on Instagram @niashalise_.