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It seems that a lot of YouTubers have been making the same content lately, and that’s because they’re all capitalizing on trends that tend to get a lot of views. These trends change every year. We had the year of diss tracks, the year of challenges and pranks, and now it seems a bunch of different types of trends are dominating the platform. Here are a few of them:

1. Reacting To Your Assumptions About Me

This is a relatively new trend that is quickly gaining attention. Basically, YouTubers go on Instagram and ask their followers what assumptions they have about them, and then they address those assumptions in a video. It’s a good way to clear things up, but also, to just let your audience know more about you. Currently, the most popular video is by Hannah Meloche who received 1.2 million views in just 6 days.


ASMR has blown up recently, and it seems YouTubers of all genres are getting in on this trend. If you don’t know what it is, ASMR is defined as “a relaxing, often sedative sensation… triggered by placid sights and sounds such as whispers, accents, and crackles”. Basically, you make a bunch of satisfying sounds in a microphone. The most popular video is by Hello Maphie with a whopping 548 million views in just 2 months.

3. Mukbangs

One of my personal favorites, Mukbangs, are videos where you watch someone eat everything you can’t. The concept started in South Korea by unmarried people who didn’t want to eat alone. Now, it has spread worldwide and turned into somewhat of a challenge. Americans adopted it and, of course, doubled the portion sizes, which raised people’s concerns of promoting obesity. Nevertheless, the trend persists with the most popular video being by a Korean YouTuber with 26 million views.

4. What I Eat In A Day

What I Eat In A Day videos satisfy nosy audience members like me. It’s the reason we love vlogs and daily routine videos– we want to know what other people’s lives are like! In these types of videos, YouTubers go throughout their day and document the food they eat on camera. Usually, the food is healthy and motivates the audience to eat better. This trend also raised some concerns when viewers thought that some girls weren’t eating enough throughout the day and were accused of promoting anorexia. But again, the trend didn’t die, and people are more conscious of what they post. The most popular video is by Mark Bell with 13 million views.

5. House/Apartment Tours

Again with the nosiness. Viewers are so interested in what YouTubers can afford with their YouTube money, and that’s probably why house tours gained so much traction. We want to see someone our age afford a beautiful house because it gives us hope that that could be us one day. If you’ve never seen a house tour, basically the YouTube goes through each room, tells us where their decor is from, and tells us that it wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t have their subscribers. The most popular video is by FGTV with 37 million views.

6. Transformations/Makeovers

This trend is also relatively new but plays off old trends like normal makeup tutorials and hair videos. Transformation videos are usually titled as “Transformation in (insert a number) hours”, and the number varies from 1 hour to 24 hours. In the video, the YouTube usually starts with no makeup, their hair not done, and in some kind of sweats. By the end, they have a full face of makeup, luscious hair, and are in some kind of amazing outfit. The most popular video is from Lauren Giralldo with 3.2 million views.

7. Get Ready With Me

Get Ready With Me videos are like casual makeup tutorials. Instead of teaching us how to do makeup, we watch them put it on while they talk about their lives. These videos are appealing because it feels like a natural conversation with your friend. You get to learn more about the YouTuber while watching an awesome makeup look! The most popular video is actually a parody by SarahBeautyCorner with 66 million views, but a more representative video is by Jojo Siwa with 19 million views.

Have fun falling into the black hole of Youtube with these trends!

Katya Awar

Northeastern '22

I'm a sophomore at Northeastern University majoring in Media and Screen Studies and minoring in English and Musical Theater. I hope to be a screen writer one day!
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