Three Youtubers You're Not Watching, But Should Be

With millions of hours of uploaded content on YouTube, it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for without running into the same names again and again. Sure, we all know Bethany Mota and Michelle Phan, but what if you’re looking for a new face to help you switch up your style? Let me make it easy for you by telling you some of my favorite lesser-known beauty gurus and fashionistas.


These two sisters are pros at styling on a budget. They shop almost exclusively at thrift stores, and their amazing finds featured in their thrift store hauls will inspire you to head out to Goodwill and see what treasures you can find. Once you get home, you can check out their lookbooks to see exactly how to style your new pieces! These down-to-earth girls get what it’s like to have champagne taste with a beer budget, and as Tim Gunn would say, they “make it work!”

2. Batalash Beauty    
While there are multiple girls who post on this beauty channel, Sam is my favorite by far. Her tutorials are so creative, using those eyeshadow colors like red and purple that you can never figure out how to use. She’s also not afraid to keep it real, talking about things like how she makes money on YouTube and her experience with lip injections. If nothing else, watch her hairstyling videos, because this girl is #hairgoals.

I tend to change up my YouTube subscriptions pretty frequently. Honestly, I get bored with seeing the same tutorials over and over. I am convinced, however, that I will continue to watch Claire until she stops making videos. Claire is like the cool older sister you (and I) have always wanted. She shares all her acne-banishing secrets, tells you all about her tattoos, and shows you how to perfect that cat-eye, all while showing off her adorable cat, Bruce. Her videos are always relaxing and beautifully shot. She changes up her format frequently, and clearly knows what she’s doing behind, and in front, of the camera.

Check these girls out, and see if they can help you find your perfect fall look!