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Teddy Cordes, 2013

Major: Finance and Entrepreneurship
Hometown:  Rochester, NY
Where you can find me on Saturday night:  Meeting new people and dancing.
Hobbies: Guitar playing, bike riding, volunteering, tutoring, hosting friends.
Where I’ll be in 5 years:  I’ll be a successful entrepreneur giving my wealth back to the world traveling.
Favorite spot in Boston:  Hanging out on my stoop in Back Bay.
Worst pickup line I’ve ever used: Hey, you should come by. We’re having a party this weekend.
Celebrity looks-a-like: Justin Bibber (a less lesbian version).
Perfect date: Something fun and interesting like sushi, and then ice cream and then hanging out.
Fears: Seaweed and Jellyfish.
Interesting fact: I went shark diving in South Africa this summer.

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