Surviving Finals @ NEU

The time has come huskies; finals week is here. For most of us this means long nights in Snell, cold walks back to our apartments and an inevitable sickness from those long nights, cold walks and being around so many people you never knew were in your classes until now.

This upcoming week is truly a trying time for everyone, but luckily for you, we have some #swag that can help you survive this week.

*A note to all of you on co-op reading this, please keep to yourselves or face the wrath of a very overtired, disgruntled classmate who is still taking a full course load; it’s for your own safety as well as our sanity.

Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold-Scented Flash Tattoos

For when you are in ‘da club (Snell) and want it to be a little more welcoming and fun and less like a prison where dreams of a good GPA go to die. #FlashYourGold #ClubSnell

Vera Bradley Throw Blanket

This lovely, snuggly item can be used one of two ways; to keep you cozy at your desk while you study like a good student, or it can wrap you in a blanket of guilt (and warmth) as you procrastinate that research paper with a whole season of’s up to you really. #verabradley

TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt SprayFor when you are perfectly done with being socially acceptable, putting on makeup and dressing to impress, this sea salt spray can give you the salon quality hair you deserve without spending all the time (and money) you don’t have.

Chipotle BOGO Burritos

If you didn’t know that BOGO = Buy One Get One Free, well now we both know and you can take advantage of it!! Grab a friend, your professor or some stranger off the street and head over to your nearest burrito joint (here are the closest ones, you’re welcome) to celebrate the end the semester and the start of winter break!!

Cold-EEZE Quick Melts

Remember that sickness we mentioned earlier? The one you will without a doubt get at some point this month? Yeah well these drops will help you #GetWellFaster, even though you may not want to with that final right around the corner…..We may not be able to shorten finals week but we CAN #ShortenYourCold.