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By: Annabelle Forsley

With winter fast approaching, it is that time of year again to bundle up and find a way to stay warm while also being stylish. With the wide array of designs worldwide, there comes a slew of different trends, both on and off the runway. Nonetheless, that means there is something for everyone, ranging from layering tops, comfortable chunky sweaters, or drawing inspiration from streetwear. Here are eight different trends that will not only keep you warm but keep you looking good this winter. Besides, who doesn’t love the excuse to shop for more clothing? (p.s. the photos are linked – happy shopping!) 

1. Staple Coats and Oversized Outerwear

Everyone needs a staple, classic coat. To fight the freezing winter, you have to layer up with coats ranging from something wool to a puffer to, my favorite, a thick shearling or faux fur coat. This season, long black jackets are all the rage.

2. Chunky Black Boots

A black boot is a winter essential that makes every outfit look good while also being practical in keeping your feet dry and warm. Whether you are looking for something with a bit of a platform or something more subdued and classic, there are so many different options across style.

3. Anything leather

No matter the time of year, any leather apparel is always a staple piece for anyone’s wardrobe, and it is a great way to stay warm in the winter. Trench coats and shorter leather jackets are a great way to elevate an outfit during the day or night, especially having something with a pop of color, making it extra chic.

4. Knitwear

As the temperatures plummet, everyone loves a thick sweater to swaddle themselves in to brace for the chilly air. A cardigan layered over a top or a staple chunky knit is a classic  winter closet piece. If you are looking for a preppier look, go for a sweater with a collar, or if you want something with more texture that is a classic, timeless look, go for a fisherman’s sweater. The options are endless!

5. Maxi skirts

Not to worry, the classic mini skirt is going nowhere, but it is time to come back to the maxi skirt, especially for the winter season. The maxi skirt covers your legs to stay warm during those colder days and can keep your style elevated all year round. My personal favorite is a 90’s denim maxi skirt, a versatile piece that never goes out of style and pairs with almost any top you want to wear.

6. Chunky Scarves

To pull your whole winter look together, there is nothing better than incorporating an oversized scarf. No matter where you go – to school, a fancy dinner with friends, or the grocery store – a scarf is an easy garment that everyone can wear. 

7. Sweat Suits

Although everyone is wearing something cute and stylish, dressing down on those cold winter days to be cozy is essential. Here are some stylish sweat suits links that will have people asking where you got it from!

8. Knitted Jumper Dress

Dressing up in a dress to go out to dinner with friends or on a date with someone cute is always fun, but the winter makes it a freezing task. However, knitted dresses are a game changer, and they can be casual or elevated to keep you warm while also helping you stay stylish. 

Lastly! Although there are many options online to find these different pieces, if you are looking for something more on budget and sustainable, go to your local thrift store! There are so many different options and you can get some really unique pieces that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to find online.