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Spring Break Playlist

February just ended and soon it will be spring. Despite the cold, windy days ahead, it’s still Spring Break! Here are some tunes to listen to whether you are spending time on the beach in Cancun, backpacking across the Alps, or just sitting at home.

                                                                                                                      Courtesy: Giphy


1. Artist: LANY

Album: Good Girls – Single

Song: “Good Girls”

This band from California will transport you to the sunny shores of Malibu while you sip a pina-colada. Listen to their other albums: Make Out and Kinda for good beachy vibes.


2. Artist: Smallpools

Album: Lovetap!

Song: “Dreaming”

This pop song will make you dance all day with their catchy beats and uplifting lyrics.


3. Artist: Lana Del Rey

Album: Love – Single

Song: “Love”

Lana Del Rey is back and better than ever! A song that’s on repeat as we wait for her album to drop.


4. Artist: Lorde

Album: Green Light – Single

Song: “Green Light”

Lorde has literally broke the internet with this song. Heartbroken, but ready to move on and have the best time of your life? This song is perfect for you.


5. Artist: Dreamers

Album: This Album Does Not Exist

Song: “Sweet Disasters”

This song will transport you back into the night of 1974 with its sweet melodies and side of rock and roll.  That nostalgic feeling of last night’s romance doesn’t have to end.


6. Artist: Coast Modern

Album: Guru – Single

Song: “Guru”

A very upbeat song to start the day off.


7. Artist: Coin

Album: I Don’t Wanna Dance – Single

Song: “I Don’t Wanna Dance”

I don’t wanna dance, but this song is making it very hard not to. Dance the night away!


8. Artist: Life of Dillon

Album: Prologue

Song: “Overload”

A great, catchy tune to listen at anytime of the day. A very uplifting song that makes you feel like anything is possible.


9. Artist: Aanysa & Snakehips

Album: Burn Break Crash – Single

Song: “Burn Break Crash”

The song that you need to get the party started.


10. Artist: Louis The Child & Icona Pop

Album: Weekend – Single

Song: “Weekend”

Party like it’s the weekend, even though it’s not. But what’s the difference anyway when it’s Spring Break?


Bonus: Check out Khalid’s new album: American Teen. And do not miss out on Ed Sheeran’s new album: ‘÷’. That man is a genius! We truly have been blessed with all the new music! Happy Spring Break!

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