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Spring Break in New York City

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

With Northeastern’s Spring Break being a couple of weeks earlier than the other US colleges, I took advantage of that and looked up prices for a trip to New York. Bus tickets on Greyhound were a whopping $10 one-way (exclusive of tax), and I was ready to spend a couple of nights in The City That Never Sleeps.

                                                                                                                        Courtesy of Giphy

Free Wifi, leg rest, and comfy seats, Greyhound made the 4-5 hour trip seem like nothing. My first ever New York experience was truly an incredible experience. Here are my top 4 recommendations!

Chelsea Market

                                                                                                                   Courtesy of Urban Matter

Chelsea Market is an indoor urban food court and market, perfect to escape a cold March morning (even though it is technically Spring Break). The market is always bustling and vibrant, and come hungry, because there are lots of food stalls that you have to try out. Less touristy, more hipster, perfect for an Insta pic!

Top of the Rock

                                                                                                                   Courtesy of Rockefeller Center

The Top of the Rock is an observatory on top of the famous Rockefeller Center that offers absolutely incredible views of the city. I took a trip there during sundown, and it was by far the best decision I’d made. Although entrance fees are quite pricey, it definitely does offer the best views of the concrete jungle, from the Manhattan’s Midtown to its famous skyscrapers.

The High Line

                                                                                                                  Courtesy of NYC Gov Parks

The High Line is about a 1.5 mile long elevated railroad track that is now a linear park and greenway. One of my favorite things to do is people-watch, and The High Line was the perfect place for me to do that. You can stroll around and watch people go about their daily lives, and when you’re tired of doing that, grab a bite at the famous Artichoke Pizza that’s right below it. Trust me, it’s 100% worth the calories! Although I was quite disappointed by the lack of greenery (granted that it was definitely not springtime yet), The High Line without its lush greenery was absolutely captivating, and it’s definitely a must-go when everything starts coming to life again.

Musicals on Broadway

                                                                                                                  Courtesy of Shutterstock

Saved the best for last. If you haven’t watched a musical before, let me change your life. Broadway shows are practically synonymous with New York City. If you go to New York and you don’t watch a musical, you’re absolutely missing out. Even if you’re not an avid Broadway fan, the experience is really something worth paying for. Please fulfill your childhood dreams and buy “Anastasia” tickets for less than $100. To add on to that list, “The Waitress,” and “Book of Mormon” are some of my favorites that won’t necessarily break your bank!