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The most traditional spring break adventure among college students is visiting a warm and tropical destination with friends. These vacations can be filled with memorable experiences,  however, there are many other versions of spring break. This past break I decided to go on a journey outside of my comfort zone, lending itself to a insightful venture.

I desperately needed to escape the stress of classes and social life, just as many students desire during the weeks approaching spring break. I began searching destinations in the area for a solo getaway, when I realized that New York City was a place I had not visited in years and would like to travel to. I found a cozy studio apartment on Airbnb that resembled Monica’s loft from Friends in Queens and booked a bus ticket to NYC. I usually don’t make spontaneous major decisions like this one in my head, so I was both nervous and excited because I had never traveled alone.

                                                                                                      Courtesy of Most Sincerely Jessica

I got on the bus early on Monday with bags in hand and a list of must see places once arriving in NYC. The city of New York is a different world filled with diversity, bright lights, and eye catching sights. Throughout my four days, I toured the Metropolitan Museum, Museum of Natural History, ate at Serendipity cafe from the romance movie Serendipity, enjoyed a meal at an Indian restaurant filled with colorful lights hanging from the ceiling, and shopped at Bloomingdale’s as well as the well known Macy’s on 34th Street. It was a remarkable experience being able to see these sights that I have always wanted to visit.  While some people might say that going to NYC is a regular trip that may not be as exciting or rewarding compared to another destination, for me it was a vacation with self reflection.

Going to an unfamiliar place alone was a challenge for me. Not only was I worried about getting lost, but I confronted the fear of not being able to enjoy the experience without the company of another person. I love to travel, but I had never gone out of my comfort zone and traveled alone. This venture has taught me that one must face your worries and look at adversity as a learning tool. A tool to measure self-willingness and determination.

To anyone who wants to go on a solo vacation, don’t let your worries and concerns hold you back, go make your arrival.


Ariana Matos

Northeastern '21

I am a Northeastern commmunication studies student with a minor in fashion global studies. As a writer correspondent the concentration of my writing are personal reflections on life experiences, fashion, media and culture, food and lifestyle. In addition to being a writer I am a leader for Her Campus NU's Snapchat account.  
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