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I watched “Normal People” on Hulu last week and absolutely fell in love. While each episode is roughly a half-hour, they somehow seem much longer (but in a good way). “Normal People” showcases a plotline we’ve seen in countless romance shows and movies—the nerdy, shy girl falls in love with the popular jock—but their story is told in an extraordinary way. 

The show is beautifully executed from start to finish. Although the episodes are short, they feel like long, fleshed-out movie scenes thanks to the impressive cinematography. Every gesture is captured in an all around artistic and mesmerizing way. Further, the show is set in Ireland — the changing weather and gorgeous views tie together the scenes very well.

The casting makes this show even more impactful. Marianne, played by Daisy Edgar-Jones, and Connell, played by Paul Mescal, are incredible actors with whom I was not familiar until watching “Normal People.” They are both very genuine, which fits the show’s plot perfectly. One thing that struck me was their facial expressions and the looks in their eyes when they were acting. They embodied their characters so well, which only added to the overall beauty of the show. I felt a deep connection with each character, and such a connection between the actors and the audience is very hard to find in today’s TV shows.

My favorite part of this show just may be the sheer realness. Marianne and Connell’s relationship is very messy, quite like most real-life relationships. They have to overcome many circumstantial and interpersonal issues in order to find stability in their relationship. The show closely and accurately depicts what toxic familial and romantic relationships can be like, what mental health issues look like and what true love should feel like. The show also portrays the vulnerability, passion and heartache that often accompanies a relationship. Lastly, it paints a very honest picture of physical intimacy that we don't often see in other shows or movies. All of these elements combined give way to a beautiful, candid show that will leave you unable to look away.

Rania Kalaaji

Northeastern '22

I am a current third year at Northeastern University studying marketing and supply chain management. I enjoy listening to music, watching sports, and exploring Boston. A fun fact about me is I am originally from Minnesota!
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